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Design processes and watch them flow

Our Vaira Office offers you the possibility to design your processes completely digital. Instantiate your orders, manage users, chat via the platform and get all data live from the construction site. Entirely without any paper forms!

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Vaira Basic –
now available!

As the name already reveals, Vaira Basic is the first basic version of Vaira. Do you want to test whether Vaira fits your company’s expectations? Or do you want to use Vaira productively? That’s possible now! Get to know more about Vaira Basic on this page.

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What is Vaira Basic?

Enter the world of digital documentation and measure with Vaira Basic. Use your smartphone at the construction site to fill out prepared forms digitally. You can also create new orders with your smartphone, even in a modular way. You can add form tasks, photo tasks, or directories. Your smartphone becomes your digital field book. Use modern measurement technology to do an augmented reality measurement of all pipes and cables you put into the ground. No sketches, no fine-drawings: collect all the necessary data in data form. Without paper, pens, and tape measure. Document the used assets digitally. With Vaira, you work faster, more effective, and more comfortable than ever.

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The features of Vaira Basic

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Paperless construction site

Don’t ever wait for paper documents again. Don’t waste time with printers. Don’t carry file folders throughout the world. All that you need is your smartphone. You can gather all documentation data directly digital. Vaira synchronizes all data with our web application Vaira Office. No more losing forms or carrying piles of paper around to your colleagues' desks.

Quick measurement in augmented reality

You are annoyed because you still have to drag a tape measure with multiple people over the construction site? No problem. With Vaira, you can do this all by yourself – just with your smartphone. A simple click opens up a camera window. Now you can place virtual points in your surrounding area. The sensors of your smartphone together with Vaira then do the magic. In the end, you have all distances directly in your hands. This is how up-to-date measurements look like!

Instant digital fine-drawings

Forget about paper and pens. You can now easily survey the construction site with your smartphone. In the end, you will receive a digital fine-drawing without even drawing anything by yourself. No sketches are needed. Less time in the office, more time for your important work on the construction site!

Easy asset documentation

You can collect all data of used assets with Vaira. Firstly, you do the measurements of the construction site. Afterwards, you can choose single points of the digital fine-drawing and assign assets to them. If needed, you can also fill out forms within the digital assets. This way, you can, for example, add the batch number to used assets. Vaira synchronizes this information as well as all others in real-time with the Vaira Office.

Clear asset directories

Do you want to gather information like the batch number of a pipe? Or you want to mark in the fine-drawing where you used a sleeve? It’s simple with Vaira! You can create a directory by yourself with all assets that you regularly use. Or you use a directory given to you by your company’s office workers or by the network operator. In the Vaira App, you just have to select a measured point and assign an asset to it. That’s all!

Digital forms

Never again print out, scan or leave notes in the office. With Vaira you have all the necessary forms for the construction site directly in your hand. All entries are synchronized directly with Vaira Office. This puts an end to the paperwork once and for all. If a field is missing, you can create forms and fields directly on the construction site.

Consistent photo galleries

With the photo collection, you no longer have to worry about how the photos you take end up in the office or with the network operator. Just click on the corresponding module in your order and the camera mode opens immediately. All photos are automatically attached to your order and synchronized with Vaira Office. Done!

Real-time synchonization

Have you ever had discussions with colleagues from the continuation because you drove a documentary around too long? That is no longer a problem either. All the data you collect is synchronized directly with Vaira Office and is therefore available for the continuation and for the network operator. You do not have to do anything else.

Simple order creation

You want to document and measure a construction site for which you have not yet received any documents? Vaira offers you the possibility to easily assemble your own job on the spot. Forms, lists, measurements or photos - simply create your own job with the app and then edit it.

Dekoratives Bild. Zeigt fünf Screenshots aus der Vaira-App, die unterschiedliche Tasks abbilden. Die Smartphones sind nach hinten hin kleiner werdend versetzt positioniert.

Who should use Vaira?

Vaira Basic can be used by fitters and office staff. On the construction site, the app supports you with documentation and simple surveying work. The process is completed with Vaira Office as a web application. With it, you can create and manage orders on the computer and process the results of the documentation directly. Thus, Vaira Office is particularly suitable for office work.

  • Icon. Ein Computer. Paperless office
  • Instant data accessibility
  • Higher data quality
  • Better traceability
  • Simple order creation
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop system
  • Clear asset lists
  • Simple disposition
  • Catchy user management
  • Openly documented interfaces

The features of Vaira Basic

Choose a topic that interests you.

Paperless office

Piles of notes and hard-to-find files are a thing of the past. With Vaira, all data is collected digitally and always sorted according to the same logic – regardless of whether you or your colleague maintains the data. Documents are no longer sent by mail and are guaranteed not to get lost via multiple mirrored servers.

Instant data accessibility

No more running after stacks of paper! Waiting for the mail of the day was yesterday. All documentation and measurements made on the construction site are synchronized in real-time with your Vaira Office. So you can continue working with all the information and complete the job thoroughly.

Higher data quality

Paper forms have a significant disadvantage: they cannot give feedback when you fill them in. With Vaira, you can make fields mandatory. Fitters can only complete their orders when all necessary fields are filled in. This means that the construction workers cannot accidentally overlook any fields. Fitters can also correct errors in the documentation digitally without the need for scribbles that are sometimes misleading.

Better traceability

Digital measurements make many things more convenient. You directly receive a digital final drawing, which was not first a handwritten sketch and was then interpreted into a final drawing. Besides, Vaira stores a photo for each survey point. This allows you to trace the circumstances under which the photo was taken permanently. For example, you can check whether the trench was already closed when the survey was carried out and thus draw conclusions about its accuracy.

Simple order creation

Digitalization does not have to be witchcraft. Vaira is built so that you can intuitively create orders and forms yourself. You don't have to be a PC specialist to find your way around in your own Vaira Office.

Intuitive drag-and-drop system

Just drag and drop - that's how you create your orders quickly and easily. Each order is made of modules that you can flexibly put together. You can also give names to tasks. Optionally, you can provide fields with a unique ID to communicate directly with your ERP, SAP, and GIS systems’ interfaces.

Clear asset lists

Provide installers on the construction site with a list of standard components. You can also attach forms to assets to collect information, such as batch numbers.

Simple disposition

With Vaira, you can do the scheduling with just a few clicks. Simply assign individual people, groups, or companies to an order. The order is then automatically displayed in the Vaira Office of the person responsible and can be processed there. Never before have your orders been given so fast to the construction service provider or the fitter.

Catchy user management

Who can see which data? Who can edit them, and who can delete them? These are questions that are becoming increasingly important in the course of data security aspects. With Vaira, you can assign users to predefined roles or create entirely new roles. You can assign very fine-grained rights to your roles or withdraw them again. The control over your data always remains in your hands.

Openly documented interfaces

You already have your own ERP, SAP or GIS systems and want to combine them with Vaira? No problem! Vaira is equipped with an openly documented RESTful API. This allows your IT department to easily connect your systems to Vaira, so that there is nothing in the way of data exchange in both directions.

Dekoratives Bild. Zeigt, wie im Vaira Office ein kleiner Workflow in der internen Workflow-Engine gebaut werden können.

On which devices can Vaira Basic be used?

Vaira Basic is currently available for Android devices. For documentation tasks, most of the common Android smartphones are suitable. The measurement requires finer calibrated sensors and can therefore be used reliably, especially on newer smartphones. You can learn more about this point in our web seminar at the end of October. You are welcome to email us your questions in advance.