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The modern way to document house connections

A digital measuring might be quite nice and even the digitalization of forms and single process steps can have its benefits. But a digital transormation of the complete process can achieve even more. So, to reach the full potencial of digitalization, Vaira goes a different way: a platform for all people within the complete process chain.

Custormers, netzwork operators and construction companies united

An efficient and optimized process can only be found where all participants in the whole chain work together. With Vaira, we gather all involved persons in one place and give them the necessary tools to communicate and transfer data within seconds. As long as a person has the necessary permissions, all data can be viewed, entered and edited from anywhere at any point of time. Customers can upload additional data to their orders like photos of the upcoming building area. Network operators can create proper orders with all necessary data and dispose it to their individual construction company and construction workers. Construction companies work with Vaira in the field to fill out forms and measure in Augmented Reality.

Graphic showing network operators, construction companies and customers linked through Vaira.

The solution for queries

No matter whether you notice further questions on the construction site or whether you notice transposed digits as a continuation worker – queries cost you a lot of neveres, time and money. As a platform, Vaira offers you an integrated chat system. Using it will allow you to contact all involved persons and to react to possible queries within seconds. Also, the chatlogs – like all other gathered information – stick to the job. Should a colleague of you need to work on the job, he has all past communication regarding the job collected in one place.

Screenshot of an Chat in Vaira Office.

Simple assignment via partnerships

With Vaira, you can use our partnership system to simply connect to other companies and link your relationship within the system. By this, you will from then on be able to simply assign orders to the regarding company, as well as you will have from then on the possibility to chat via our chat system with the other company. Assigning jobs just takes a few clicks, no coding and no additional sending of any information than the ones within the job.

Graphic that shows the construction company and the network operator connected by a favorite-star.

The easy way of quality management

Additionally, even processes between different companies are enhanced by Vaira. Sent documentation data by the construction company can easily be checked by the quality assurance of the network operator. Possible queries and missing data can be communicated via chat within seconds. Jobs can now be completed faster than ever.

Graphic that shows the construction company and the network operator connected by some forms, images and glasses.

Direct contact to your customers

Not only the communication within companies and between companies can be enhanced with Vaira. Also, you now have the possibility to get into touch with your customers as simple as possible. The customers can upload data that is necessary for the job by themselves to Vaira. They can also set preferred dates or time periods for the job or ask you questions in a very direct and fast way via chat. We are sure: Trust starts with transparency. With Vaira you can manage what and how much data your customers should be able to see, giving you the possibility to automatically give them information regarding the status of their order. By this, Vaira becomes a central platform for all order relevant communication between you and your customers.

Graphic showing the network operator, the construction company and the customer with different signs like a speech bubble, an exclamation mark and a question mark.

Enjoying what you just read?

This was only a small part of the whole Vaira experience. Before you can with all participants via Vaira, you first need those people on the platform. With Vaira Office all office workers can create, dispose and check orders and documentations quickly and easily. With the Vaira App, installers can simply document and measure in Augmented Reality on the construction site. You can find more information on the regarding pages.

Clickable picture, leads to the page Office. Clickable picture, leads to the page App.