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Comfortable workforce management

Via Vaira Office you can create jobs quickly and simply, deal with users and track your performance in a convenient way. The consistent digitalization optimizes its own process, thus saves time and money and enables a smooth transfer of current jobs.

Put an end to letters, faxes and carrier pigeons!

How would it be if you could see all data from 2021 in one overview? Without collecting together the individual measurements of gas, electricity and water from different installers? We have a revolutionary idea: a platform (let's call it "Vaira Office"), where you can log in. It shows you an overview of all currently open, past and prepared jobs. Each job includes all associated information - even information of different construction service providers, who can only see from each other what you allow them. Wouldn't that be brilliant?

Screenshot of the order overview in Vaira Office. Shows all necessary data like order number, address, deadlines, assignees etc.

Avoiding media disruptions – Avoiding errors

Mistakes happen. That’s in our nature. The more people are involved in different process steps, the higher the chance of occuring mistakes. One central source of errors in the documentation of house connections are the constant transfers from one medium to another. Sketch and data handwritten by the installer - final drawing on paper - transfer of the data into a digital system - transmission - print-out of data - transfer to GIS systems…

Your process probably also looks like this or similar at the moment. Each transfer entails the risk of transposed digits, forgotten values, illegibility and much more. With the help of Vaira all data is completely digital from start to finish and is automatically synchronized with all process participants. In this way we avoid all potential transmission errors.

Screenshot of a digital measurement including orthogonal distance values.

Waiting has come to an end

Some construction site documentation loves to travel. Time passes by, maybe a few weeks, until it makes its way from the installer's van to your desk. That’s not only an issue for finishing the job, but also problematic if there are any queries – because the ditch is usually closed again the same day. Vaira synchronizes all job data in real time between all involved parties. In case of an existing internet connection, you can monitor – live – the completion of each task from your office computer. As soon as one job is completed, you will be directly notified, and you can immediately start to review the data and respond to queries.

Screenshot of a notification in Vaira Office that you got a new order that you may accept or decline.

Forms completely under your control

You are sceptical whether your previously used paper forms can be digitally replicated? We can take away your scepticism! All information you have been requesting in your forms can be stored by yourself in Vaira now - without any problems. You read correctly: By yourself. The development of Vaira office enables you to compile your forms by simply combining tasks in our form engine and to save them as favourites. So you don’t have to ask us for costly changes. Instead, you can flexibly design your own forms.

GIF showing the principle of Drag and Drop. Here you can see how a Form is easily dragged into an order.

Digital forms as daily helpers

We don’t stop with the simple conversion of analog to digital forms. By using paper forms you can’t influence the way of filling out. With Vaira you can set the rules for the completion of the form. In addition to definable number-areas, types for inputs and plausibility checks, you can also mark fields as mandatory. This prevents the installer from skipping fields accidently or entering a phone number in an e-mail field. He can only complete the job when all mandatory fields are filled out with plausible content. This is the best way to ensure that you receive no incomplete or incorrect documentation anymore.

Screenshot showing fields within a form that have to be filled in in Vaira Office. You see different types of fields like number, text and date fields. Also you can see mandatory fields that force the user to make inputs.

No-Code as guiding principle

Many management systems face the problem of passing the complex content of digitalized processes to the users. You sit in front of an application with countless buttons, you don’t know what to do with half of it and in order to adapt content, you often have to call the IT department - which is not always able to meet all requirements. In the worst case, you might even have to call the developer and get expensive customizations for your applications. Vaira Office offers you an application that is intuitively usable and can be configured by yourself. Without any computer science knowledge according to the no-code principle.

A screenshot of the inner of an order in Vaira Office. You can see that there is no coding needed and you just have to fill in data or check boxes.

Self-designed automation of your processes

To map your processes in the best possible way, we provide you with a powerful workflow tool. You can decide the order of the steps and which events should be triggered automatically. You want to send an automatic e-mail and SMS as soon as the installer has performed the surveying, but only if the ditch is closed again and the billing has been carried out? No problem. With just a few clicks complex process chains can be easily mapped and (partially) automated.

Screenshot of the workflow-engine. You can see one process step that leads to two different other steps. All steps have different tasks within them that are colored the same way as they are in Vaira Office or the Vaira App.

No lengthy setup – everywhere accessible

Vaira Office works entirely as a web application. This means for you: Yoú don’t have to install any program to use Vaira Office. You simply visit the website with a current browser of your choice, log in and you can start right away. By using modern cloud technology, this solution allows you to access Vaira Office anywhere. Whether in the office, at your computer at home or even out and about with your smartphone - your Vaira Office is always accessible for you.

Screenshot of the Vaira OFfice login page.

Simple user administration via permissions

Not everyone who is involved in the process must have access to all data. With our role system you can give different user types different permissions for reading, writing and editing. In this way, you can ensure that your data can only be seen and edited by authorized persons. At the same time, you only pass on the relevant information to others without overwhelming them with an overload of data and forms.

Screenshot of the user and permissions management in Vaira Office.

Flexible adaptation to your process chain

Do you already have a CRM that you can’t bear to part with? Are you using your own process engine that maps your processes? Do you have a billing software that you have trusted forever and that is not to be replaced? No problem at all.

Although Vaira Office is designed as a complete ecosystem that can cover all your requirements, we understand your wishes. That’s why we keep Vaira open for other applications at all central points via a Restful API. So you can easily import data transfers from other systems via interfaces or return them - for example directly into your GIS. In this way, Vaira fits into your process like a piece of a puzzle instead of just offering you a complete puzzle as a complete solution.

Graphic that shows that different systems like DMS, GIS, ERP, SAP or third party applications can be linked with Vaira by an open API.

Would you like some more?

That was only a part of the complete Vaira experience. The best office software is of little use if it does not work interactively with all process participants. For this purpose we design Vaira as a platform for data exchange and communication between you, your customer and all your construction service providers and/or teams. In the latter case, the installers will be equipped with the Vaira App which enables them to carry out all tasks with ease and in high quality. You can find out more about this on the corresponding pages.

Clickable picture, leads to the page platform. Clickable picture, leads to the page App.