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Headline-Bild einer Baustelle. Man sieht einen offenen Graben, in dem ein paar Schutzrohre liegen.
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Photo. Shows Max who presents the Vaira App at a construction site while René Habers from Georg Fischer takes photos of it.
Max from Vaira and the colleagues from Georg Fischer presenting the apps. Beautiful photos must not be missing, of course!
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February 11th • Dennis Bienkowski

In the trench with Georg Fischer

Achieving more together. This motto also applied during our visit to a construction site together with our partners from Georg Fischer. We tested each other's applications in practical use cases - Vaira and the GF Track & Trace app - under real conditions during this appointment. The vision: not to understand surveying and factual data collection as individual aspects of documentation, but to think both digitally together.

We also used the appointment to ask two of the protagonists on camera how they perceived the meeting. In the video about our come-together, René Habers (Head of Marketing and Presales at Georg Fischer) and Max Erdmann (CEO of Vaira) talk about the day and their joint plans.

We are glad to have Georg Fischer as our partner. With their expertise in components and fittings, we will gain important insights to develop Vaira in a targeted manner further. The cooperation in component documentation and digital welding records also brings added value that will be tangibly passed on to our customers. This means that documentation work on the construction site will be digital throughout.

If you have any further questions about the appointment or cooperation, please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Team. They will be happy to help.

February 11th 2021

At the construction site
with our partners from Georg Fischer

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Decorative photo. Shows the Vaira logo, highlighted in front of a white background, next to a starting space rocket.
Title picture of the interview we held with Innoloft.
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January 26th • Dennis Bienkowski

We are the startup of the week!

Who is Vaira - and what? How does the combination of surveying in augmented reality, platform, and complete workflow engine for process optimization work? And who are other potential customers for our surveying and process solution besides network operators, municipal utilities, and construction service providers?

Our CMO, Dennis Bienkowski, answered these and other questions for the Innoloft innovation network. Innoloft is a platform that connects innovative companies, their potential customers, and also possible investors according to the B2B principle. A weekly spotlight is cast on a single startup, which is allowed to introduce itself in an interview. We were allowed to start the year 2021 with this detailed interview.

We are pleased to be part of this exciting network and that our solution made it to the weekly highlight. The interview can be found on Innoloft's site and is available in German and English.

To the German version of the interview

To the English version of the interview

January 26th 2021

Startup of the week
on the innovation plattform Innoloft

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Dekoratives Foto. Grube mit Kabeln und Rohren, durch eine Abgrenzungs-Lücke geschossen. In der Mitte findet sich der Text 'Plattform. Features.'
Our year 2020 in some images – Fairs, construction sites and a lot of commitment.
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December 18th • Dennis Bienkowski

Our flashback of 2020

The year 2020 is coming to an end - and what an unusual year it was!

While January was still going along its usual course, the corona pandemic brought changes with it from February onwards, which were noticeable in all life areas. In professional terms, this meant above all: hardly any or no on-site appointments – and certainly no trade fairs –, online meetings, and often hurdles caused by the lack of digitization. "Can you hear me?" and "Can you see my screen?" were constant companions through the new working day, which now often took place within the private four walls. But an end is in sight with the first possible vaccinations. The future will show how everyday working life may have changed permanently over the past year.

But enough about Corona. We would like to take the pre-Christmas period as an opportunity to take you on a journey through our year. Despite some limitations, many options, possibilities, and new partnerships have arisen for our young company, which have shaped our year. Follow me through a condensed chronology – you can find further information in the linked news articles.

When everything was still normal: Our trade fair winter with distinction

FFor us, the year began with a move to the Paderborn Technology Park – the headquarters of many important and emerging technology companies in the area. But there was not much time to catch our breath because, on January 20th, our first significant appearance of the year was on the agenda with the U-Start competition of Thüga, Veolia, and BS|Energy. Here, a jury was looking for the best solutions to digitize the processes of municipal network operators. Less than two months later, on March 5th, we got our award as winners at the closing event. Joint project discussions followed this.

Parallel to this great success, we also visited several trade fairs. Max could report from Vaira as a co-exhibitor at the InfraTech 2020. In mid-February, we exhibited simultaneously at the E-world 2020 and as co-exhibitor at the IRO 2020. At the beginning of March, we exhibited at the Esri Conference 2020, already anticipating that this trade fair year would not be typical.

Foto des Marketing- und Vertriebs-Teams von Vaira auf der E-world 2020 vor ihrem Messe-Stand.

In spring, we sowed the seeds

It was unusual neither to go to trade fairs nor to arrange quick on-site appointments with interested parties and customers. Understandably, companies were busy with themselves first – the home or mobile office brought new ways of working and unique requirements. The demand for digitalization increased dramatically. Simultaneously, however, the hasty changeover of own processes to the current situation was also a hindrance to orderly digitization. With our campaign in May, we therefore further substantiated the advantages of digitization with Vaira. An article in Business Geomatics in June put further emphasis on our platform. Both of these publications noticeably increased interest in Vaira and showed us that we were and are definitely on the right track.

In the background, a few strands were converging more and more. Projects, partnerships, and cooperations became increasingly concrete. At the same time, a significant development project for our platform was also running in the background.

The summer brought us a rich harvest

The summer brought us several big news. From our victory in the U-Start competition in winter, a project partnership had developed over the spring, which we could now officially announce. Since then, we have been working on a project with Thüga, Veolia, and the Görlitz municipal utilities to develop Vaira further. In September, EWE AG acquired a stake in Vaira, which brought a significant network operator to our side. Just one day later, we were also able to announce our new partnership with Georg Fischer, the global fittings and piping expert.

We also adapted to the situation and replaced trade fair appearances with our elaborate digital event: the Vaira web seminar took place for the first time in July and gathered numerous interested parties live in front of the screen. Here Max explained the complete Vaira package within one hour.

Logos unterschiedlicher Unternehmen, die seit 2020 mit Vaira in Verbindung stehen.

In autumn leaves with Vaira Basic

After about 1.5 years of development, we were able to release the first basic version of Vaira at the end of the summer. Vaira Basic includes the essential functions for network operators, public utilities, and construction service providers to measure and document simple house connections from order creation to billing. Many interested parties have already chosen this version as their entry point to test Vaira, and productive uses are already in the pipeline.

While Vaira Office is continuously being developed further, Vaira Basic is the first version of the Android app that is ready for the time being and will not be changed. Instead, we have been working on a major upgrade for some time now, which will be made available to all users automatically – in line with the Software-as-a-Service principle – as soon as it is fully developed. Max told more about this in our second Vaira web seminar, which focused specifically on our apps and the surveying component.

Geschäftsführer Max Erdmann im Set des Web-Seminars.

Between the seasons

Besides all these big news, we also tried to give more in-depth insights into Vaira. Through our feature focus stories, we have brought individual components to the fore. In addition to a look at measurement in augmented reality, we have also dedicated articles to digital forms and the platform’s approach.

We also followed with great interest the LiDAR sensor’s announcements in the new iPad and the new iPhone 12. The addition of a laser distance sensor opens up completely new technical possibilities for Vaira, which will play an even more significant role next year.

Weihnachtliches Vaira-Logo mit einer Weihnachtsmütze, der mit einem Schneemann, einem Schlitte und einem Tannenbaum das Jahr abschließt.

Vaira und das Jahr 2021

The year 2020 started with us attracting some attention through trade fairs and competitions. In the summer, we converted this attention into concrete projects, partnerships, and participation. The first finished version of Vaira marked the autumn. And now?

By May, we are confident that the pandemic’s situation will have calmed down enough to take our trade fair booth at E-world 2021. Here we would be pleased if we could perhaps even welcome you personally. We will be sticking to our web seminars, which have received a lot of positive feedback. If you are interested in these events, please register in our pre-registration form – here, you will receive all announcements about future web seminars.

The development of Vaira will, of course, continue. On the one hand, there is a big upgrade, which will also bring the Vaira apps to the process platform’s logic. This development will be supported by officially running, currently still unofficial or soon to be started projects. The existing partnerships will accompany us throughout the year, and new partnerships with interested companies will be a goal.

Finally, we are confident about the already planned test installations and productive use of Vaira. The feedback from these will further help us optimize Vaira and make it an indispensable tool for network operators, public utilities, and construction service providers - whether in the office or on the construction site. A tool that is functional and understandable and allows for a pleasant digitalization of their processes.

Let's go!

A big thanks to anyone who accompanied us this year. Every click, every mail, and every viewer at our web seminars shows us that Vaira has enormous potential, and we are very excited about what the new year will bring. We wish you and your loved ones – despite all adversities – a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Your Vaira Team

December 18th 2020

This was our year 2020

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Still frame of the video. The speaker Sarmad next to the Headline 'Tech Talk'
Our software-engineer Sarmad talks about Vaira in our first Tech Talk.
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December 9th • Dennis Bienkowski

Vaira Tech Talk: Our Unser Entwickler Sarmad über Workflow-Engine und Plattform-Ansatz

Welcome to the first episode of the Vaira Tech Talks! In this series, our developers and other technical experts will be the focus. They will tell you about Vaira from their perspective, and sometimes they might even give you in-depth technical insights and explain general concepts of the development to you.

For this episode, our software engineer Sarmad Parvez takes his seat in front of the camera. He tells you about the co-working of different parts of Vaira – especially of the workflow engine and the platform concept. The Talk is held in English, and there are optional german subtitles.

If you are interested in further information, please feel free to contact our sales team.

December 9th 2020

Vaira Tech Talk:
Sarmad about the platform and workflow engine

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Decorative Graphic. Detail card of the web seminar. Shows information like the date and the contents of the web seminar.
Our web seminar from October 29th 2020 – we showed the app and the measurement component
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October 29th • Dennis Bienkowski

The Augmented Reality measurement and our apps – web seminar from 29th of October 2020

The contents of our second web seminar were a request from our last web seminars attendees: they wanted to know more details about our Augmented Reality measuring component and about our app(s). How does the measurement with the smartphone work technically? Which devices can you use? How do you use the app at the construction site? These and more questions are answered in this web seminar.

You can find the complete recording of the web seminar (held in german) on our YouTube-Channel and by following this frame:

Alternatively you can also follow this link to the recording on YouTube.

We are happy about any feedback and we hope to see all of you again in the next web seminar!

October 29th 2020

Web seminar #2:
The Augmented Reality measurement and the Vaira app(s)

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Dekorative Grafik. Zeigt die Logos von Georg Fischer auf der rechten und das Vaira-Logo auf der linken Seite. Beide Logos sind mit einem symbolischen orangen-farbenen Kreis umschlossen.
Mit Georg Fischer haben wir einen wichtigen Partner für die Bauteil- und Schweißprotokoll-Erfassung gefunden.
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September 18th • Community text • Dennis Bienkowski

Press release (german only)

Digitalisierung von Baustellen-Dokumentationen: Georg Fischer und Vaira UG starten Kooperation

Albershausen, Paderborn. Fittings treffen auf digitale Prozesse – Alle Daten in einer zentralen Web-Plattform.

In Zeiten der fortschreitenden Digitalisierung stellen unübersichtliche, analoge Netzanschluss-Dokumentationsprozesse für alle Beteiligten oftmals eine große Herausforderung dar. Denn in vielen Fällen sind Daten zum Projekt auf mehrere Stellen verteilt: Ein Auftrag kommt per E-Mail vom Energieversorger zum Auftragnehmer, die Skizze des Anschlusses liegt direkt beim Zuständigen und ist nicht digitalisiert. Zusätzlich werden Fotos vom Projekt per E-Mail oder WhatsApp weitergeleitet. Um den Arbeitsalltag zu erleichtern, braucht es deshalb eine schlaue Übersetzung von bisher analogen Prozessen in die digitale Welt. Mit der Besiegelung ihrer neuen Kooperation machen jetzt Georg Fischer, Hersteller von Rohrleitungssystemen und Fittings, und das Paderborner Start-up Vaira einen Schritt in diese Richtung. Das junge Unternehmen möchte mithilfe der Web-Plattform Vaira die Digitalisierung des gesamten Prozesses einfacher Netzanschlüsse, ihrer Vermessung und sonstiger Dokumentationen vereinfachen. Die Protokolle der Schweißmaschinen-Verbindungsvorgänge sowie die Daten der Fittings von Georg Fischer lassen sich zukünftig in die Vaira App integrieren.

„Die Digitalisierung bietet uns vielfältige Möglichkeiten, unseren Arbeitsalltag – besonders in der bisher noch eher konservativen Baubranche – zu erleichtern. Durch die Kooperation kombinieren wir unsere GF Track & Trace App und die Vaira App, um unseren Kunden einen vereinfachten, modernen Weg für die Netzanschluss-Dokumentation zu bieten. Dieser Service stellt für uns ein weiteres wichtiges Puzzleteil dar, über unsere Produkte hinaus für Projekte eine optimale Gesamtlösung anzubieten“, erklärt Karsten Fisker, Leiter Geschäftsbereich Services bei GF.

Haushaltskunden, Netzbetreiber und Baudienstleister vereint
Vaira bietet eine übersichtliche Plattform für alle Akteure, um das volle Potenzial der Digitalisierung auszuschöpfen. Alle Prozessbeteiligten haben dort Zugriff auf die Daten und schaffen damit ortsunabhängig in Sekundenschnelle einen zentralen Informations- und Kommunikationsaustausch. Haushaltskunden können zukünftig ihre Daten in Vaira als digitalen Datensatz hinterlegen und können dazu auch Fotos von der Umgebung des Hauses im Vorfeld hochladen. Netzbetreiber können die Daten aufbereiten und mit wenigen Klicks an ihre Baudienstleister disponieren. Baudienstleister füttern Vaira bei der Bearbeitung automatisch mit allen notwendigen Daten für den Abschluss der Dokumentation. Durch die enge Zusammenarbeit mit Partnern wird die Plattform kontinuierlich weiterentwickelt. „Wir freuen uns, mit Georg Fischer einen sehr gut vernetzten und großen Partner in der Bauteil-Herstellung und damit auch der Baubranche an unserer Seite zu wissen. Das erhöht unsere Sichtbarkeit und bietet die Möglichkeit, unsere App um wichtige Features zu erweitern und so unter anderem Monteuren die Dokumentations-Arbeit zu erleichtern“, so Max Erdmann, CEO der Vaira UG.

Über Georg Fischer

GF Piping Systems ist der weltweite Experte für den sicheren und zuverlässigen Transport von Wasser, Chemikalien und Gas. Kunden in mehr als 100 Ländern nutzen die Lösungen des Unternehmens, um sicher, effizient und kostengünstig zu arbeiten. GF Piping Systems ist spezialisiert auf wartungsfreie und langlebige Rohrleitungssysteme aus Kunststoff mit einem Portfolio von mehr als 60 000 Produkten. Die Spezialisten des Unternehmens sind in 34 Ländern vor Ort und unterstützen in allen Phasen eines Projektes - von der Planung bis zur Inbetriebnahme. GF Piping Systems ist eine Division der Georg Fischer AG, die 1802 gegründet wurde und ihren Hauptsitz in Schaffhausen in der Schweiz hat. GF Piping Systems ist in einer Vielzahl von Märkten aktiv und erzielt mit 6892 Mitarbeitern einen Jahresumsatz von 1,802 Milliarden Schweizer Franken (2019).

Über Vaira UG

Die Vaira UG ist ein junges Unternehmen aus Paderborn, das sich der digitalen Transformation des gesamten Prozesses einfacher Hausanschlüsse, ihrer Vermessung und sonstiger Dokumentation annimmt. Kunden-Onboarding, Auftragserstellung, Disposition, Abrechnung und Prozessdesign finden auf der Webplattform Vaira Office statt. Mit der dazugehörigen Smartphone-Anwendung lassen sich alle Arbeiten auf der Baustelle intuitiv, schnell und qualitätsgesichert bearbeiten. Von digitalen Formularen bis hin zur Vermessung in Augmented Reality – ganz ohne zusätzliche Hardware.

Pressekontakt Georg Fischer

Georg Fischer GmbH
Karsten Fisker
Daimlerstrasse 6 – D-73095 Albershausen
Tel.: +49 7161 302-0
[email protected] - www.gfps.com/de

Pressekontakt Vaira

Dennis Bienkowski (CMO)
05251 28470 67

September 18th 2020

Press release:
Cooperation with Georg Fischer

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Dekorative Grafik. Zeigt die Logos von EWE auf der rechten und das Vaira-Logo auf der linken Seite. Beide Logos sind mit einem symbolischen orangen-farbenen Kreis umschlossen.
Die Beteiligung ist offiziell – mit EWE wissen wir einen starken Branchen-Partner an unserer Seite.
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September 17th • Dennis Bienkowski

Press release (german only)

Gemeinsam zum digitalen Hausanschlussprozess: EWE AG beteiligt sich am Start-up Vaira UG

Oldenburg, Paderborn. EWE beteiligt sich am Start-up Vaira UG. Vairas Plattform digitalisiert den gesamten Prozess des Hausanschlusses für Netzbetreiber und Baudienstleister. Ziel der Partnerschaft ist es, die Plattform weiterzuentwickeln.

Als innovativer deutscher Energieversorger sucht EWE aktiv die Zusammenarbeit mit Start-ups, um die Energiewende und die Digitalisierung voranzutreiben. Mit der Beteiligung an der Vaira UG nimmt EWE dabei die Digitalisierung des Hausanschlussprozesses in den Fokus.

Mit der gleichnamigen digitalen Lösung Vaira werden Haushaltskunden, Netzbetreiber und Baudienstleister auf eine gemeinsame digitale Plattform gebracht. Alle Daten – wie ausgefüllte Formularfelder, Fotos oder Vermessungswerte – sind zu jeder Zeit einsehbar und werden in Echtzeit synchronisiert. Über eine integrierte Workflow-Engine können Unternehmen ihre Prozesse individuell abbilden. Chats über die Plattform ermöglichen eine einheitliche Kommunikation. Monteure können per Smartphone Leitungsverläufe über Augmented Reality vermessen und Bauteile dokumentieren. Dabei erheben sie direkt vor Ort alle relevanten Datensätze in digitaler Form. Auch Haushaltskunden können über die Plattform betreut werden. Durch den komplett digitalen Prozess werden einzelne Prozessschritte verkürzt oder ganz obsolet. Fehler bei der Dokumentation oder der Übertragung von Daten werden minimiert und umgangen.

„Mit Vaira sehen wir ein exzellentes Beispiel für die Digitalisierung im Energiesektor. Die Lösung ist skalierbar, nutzerfreundlich und ermöglicht eine zukunftssichere Verarbeitung von Daten. Wir freuen uns, die spannende Reise von Vaira begleiten zu dürfen.“ (Dr. Michael Richter, Senior Investment Manager EWE AG)

„Es ist uns wichtig, unsere Plattform mit der Branche zusammen zu entwickeln, damit sie natürlich und auf die tatsächlichen Bedürfnisse der Netzbetreiber und Baudienstleister hin wachsen kann. Mit der Beteiligung durch EWE wissen wir einen großen Netzbetreiber an unserer Seite, der uns mit Branchenwissen und Einblicken in zentrale Prozesse bei der Entwicklung helfen kann.“ (Max Erdmann, CEO Vaira UG)


Als innovativer Dienstleister ist EWE in den Geschäftsfeldern Energie, Telekommunikation und Informationstechnologie aktiv. Mit über 8.800 Mitarbeitern und rund 5,7 Milliarden Euro Umsatz im Jahr 2019 gehört EWE zu den großen Energieunternehmen in Deutschland. Das Unternehmen mit Hauptsitz im niedersächsischen Oldenburg befindet sich ganz überwiegend in kommunaler Hand. Es beliefert im Nordwesten Deutschlands, in Brandenburg und auf Rügen sowie in Teilen Polens rund 1,4 Millionen Kunden mit Strom, rund 0,7 Millionen mit Erdgas sowie rund 0,7 Millionen mit Telekommunikationsdienstleistungen. Hierfür betreiben verschiedene Unternehmen des EWE-Konzerns Strom-, Erdgas- und Telekommunikationsnetze in einer Gesamtlänge von rund 210.000 Kilometern. Für einen umfassenden Glasfaserausbau in der Region hat EWE gemeinsam mit der Telekom Deutschland das Unternehmen Glasfaser Nordwest gegründet, das in den kommenden zehn Jahren zwei Milliarden Euro in den Glasfaserausbau im Nordwesten investieren wird.

Über Vaira UG

Die Vaira UG ist ein junges Unternehmen aus Paderborn, das sich der digitalen Transformation des gesamten Prozesses einfacher Hausanschlüsse, ihrer Vermessung und sonstiger Dokumentation annimmt. Kunden-Onboarding, Auftragserstellung, Disposition, Abrechnung und Prozessdesign finden auf der Webplattform Vaira Office statt. Mit der dazugehörigen Smartphone-Anwendung lassen sich alle Arbeiten auf der Baustelle intuitiv, schnell und qualitätsgesichert bearbeiten. Von digitalen Formularen bis hin zur Vermessung in Augmented Reality – ganz ohne zusätzliche Hardware.


Dennis Bienkowski (CMO)
05251 28470 67

September 17th 2020

Press release:
Interest of the EWE AG (german only)

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Decorative Graphic. Shows a hand that is typing on a smartphone, working with Vaira.
All forms lay in your hand – simple, quick to fill-out and directly synchronized with the Vaira Office.
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August 27th • Dennis Bienkowski

Feature Focus: Digital forms for the documentation of construction sites

What are digital forms and what advantages do they have?

A really good question. Vaira has a lot of features that are shiny, impressive, or that feel to be well presentable. Because they impress technically, or because they open up new ways of working, or even because they just beautiful. Digital forms tend to be overseen during the presentation of shiny features. Yet, they are absolutely essential to almost every process on the construction site. For example, the proper documentation of used assets during the construction process is always done on standardized forms. This is why today's focus will give digital form the stage they totally earn.

Most construction companies in Germany still get all their relevant forms for the documentation process from the network operators in form of paper via post. Some may get it in form of e-mails already, but even those are destined to be printed. Next to the order data, the construction company also gets a pile of forms that cover all eventualities of any construction site. There are boxes to check, texts to be underlined, crossed, or circled, fields to be filled in. All this shall be done with a pen – one of the things that often quit their work as soon as they are really needed. While filling out these forms, the construction worker might confuse fields. Then he simply crosses it out, draws a tiny arrow to the field next to it an just enters the information there. Or he draws a checkbox by himself in another area of the paper. The office worker will surely understand, what he meant by this and won't oversee it. Then everything is sent back to the network operator, either via post or the documentation is scanned and sent via mail. This whole process doesn't only sound complicated and error-prone. It really is.

Vaira enables you to gather all documentation data completely digital. The network operator or your own office workers from the construction company set up workflows with forms within them. These will automatically be attached to every order that is based on this workflow. You don't have to send forms by yourself anymore or collect it from your trusted postman days after it has been sent.

As soon as the order is disposed to the construction company, all people in the office and all construction workers who are assigned to the order can see it on their respective devices – either in the Vaira Office or within their overview in the Vaira App. These orders directly contain all necessary forms, tasks, and information. By this, no forms or other documents can be lost or forgotten at desks in the office. And, even if an office worker forgot to add a form to the current workflow, he can just set it up afterwads, directly synchronizing with all workers at construction sites. Or, construction workers can create their own digital forms at the construction site, simply on their smartphone.

Digital forms also hugely increase the quality of data. As the creator of a form, you may specify fields as mandatory. By this, construction workers can't accidentally forget completing fields – they can only mark the order as done as soon as all mandatory fields are completed.

Also, fields can be checked for their plausibility. You can give fields additional criteria like only accepting numbers, dates, texts, or bar codes. This way, fields will only be completed with the values that you anticipate. There will be less need to call up the person who filled the form out to answer questions.

Additionally, you may set areas of plausible values. For example, if you want to know the general temperature within the documentation, you might set the are between -20°C and +50°C. When the construction worker enters something like 150°C, he will directly be informed that there has to be a typo. This way, office workers neither have to change the value to something more proper without surely knowing the true value nor have they to call up the person who documented the value in the first place.

One of the biggest advantages surely is that all data is directly digital. All people who are assigned within the process can directly see everything they need to see and work with this information. Without sending papers physically through the world and without having to manually transfer hand-written documentations into digital systems. You can even use the interfaces of Vaira to let all data directly flow into your ERP-, SAP- and GIS-systems. By this, a lot of unnecessary process steps can be shortened or completely eliminated from the process – saving you time, money, and nerves.

You have further questions about this feature or you want to try it out? Just mail us at [email protected]. You can also subscribe to our free monthly newsletter in which we inform you about all the technical progress of Vaira and also progresses we make as a company.

August 27th 2020

Feature Focus:
Digital forms for the documentation

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Decorative Graphic. Detail card of the web seminar. Shows information like the date and the contents of the web seminar.
In our first web seminar Max explains what Vaira is all about and how you may test and use our platform.
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July 30th • Dennis Bienkowski

We present: Vaira! Web seminar from 30th of July 2020

Today we held our first web seminar. Even though many people are on holidays right now, more than 30 companies joined our event. In this, we presented the basic idea behind Vaira and showed the current state of the Apps and the Vaira Office. Also, we gave some insights about the future of Vaira. After that, we explained all possible ways to test and to use Vaira productively. In the end we also answered the questions of the audience.

We are really happy about the impressive participation, even though it was really hot and the available time is small when a lot of your colleagues lay at the beach and leave you their work. We thank all the participants for joining us and giving feedback afterwards. If you are interested, feel free to fill out this form to get informed about news regarding a web seminar held in English in the future.

You can find the full record of the web seminar (held in german) on YouTube:

Alternatively you may also follow this link to the web seminar on YouTube.

July 30th 2020

Web seminar #1
We present: Vaira!

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Decorative graphic. Shows the logos of Veolia, Thüga AG, THEN and Vaira. They are surrounded by a symbolic orange circle.
Digitalization done together – with Veolia, THEN and Thüga AG we have important project partners at our side.
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July 2nd • Community text • Dennis Bienkowski

Press release (German only)

Klicken und (Los)legen: Neues Bündnis entwickelt Apps zum einfachen Einmessen von Hausanschlüssen

Braunschweig, Paderborn, Schifferstadt. Ein Bündnis aus Entwicklern und Anwendern will die Hausanschluss-Prozesse mit Hilfe neuer Apps auf Basis einer digitalen Plattform deutlich vereinfachen und beschleunigen.

Vermessen, Dokumentieren, Aufträge erstellen: Neue Häuser oder Gewerbeimmobilien an Strom-, Gas-, Wärme- oder Datennetze anzuschließen gehört zu den Kernaufgaben von Netzbetreibern. Ein Bündnis aus Entwicklern und Anwendern will jetzt die erforderlichen Anschlussprozesse mit Hilfe neuer Apps auf Basis einer digitalen Plattform deutlich vereinfachen und beschleunigen.

Im Bündnis haben sich der Umweltdienstleister Veolia, das Start-up Vaira und die Thüga Energienetze, ein 100%iges Tochterunternehmen der Thüga Aktiengesellschaft, zusammengetan. Die Partner sind zuversichtlich, in den kommenden 18 Monaten Praxis-erprobte Apps für die Erstellung von Aufmaß-Skizzen sowie für das Einmessen von x/y-Koordinaten für Hausanschlüsse und die verbauten Bauteile auf den Markt bringen zu können. Diese sollen dann allen Netzbetreibern deutschlandweit zur Verfügung gestellt werden.

„Digitale Lösungen wie die App von Vaira verbessern unsere Prozesse und nutzen somit Kunden und Stadtwerken gleichermaßen. Sie zahlen auf unser Ziel ein, mit Innovationen Ressourcen zu schonen“, erklärt Julien Mounier, Geschäftsführer des Bereichs Energie bei Veolia Deutschland und Vorstandsvorsitzender von BS Energy.

Bislang wird meist der Hausanschluss mit einer handschriftlichen Einmess- und Aufmaßskizze durch den Baudienstleister dokumentiert. Diese wird nach Reinzeichnung durch den Dienstleister an den Netzbetreiber für die Verarbeitung in nachgelagerten Systemen übergeben. Der Hausanschluss wird anschließend durch ein Vermessungsbüro eingemessen und die Geodaten des Hausanschlusses in das GIS eingebunden. Mit den neuen Apps und der dazugehörigen Plattform wird dieser Prozess komplett digitalisiert und visualisiert, zuverlässiger, günstiger und deutlich schneller.

Reinhard Wendl, Geschäftsführer Thüga Energienetze GmbH, sagt: „Effizienzsteigerungen durch konsequente Digitalisierung der Arbeitsabläufe sind ein wichtiger Schritt für die Zukunftssicherheit als Netzbetreiber. Durch Prozessinnovationen kann die Baubranche nachhaltig aktiviert werden, was für die Nachwuchsrekrutierung von Fachkräften enorm wichtig ist.“

„Durch die Zusammenarbeit mit etablierten Branchen-Größen erhoffen wir uns vertiefte Einblicke in Prozesse und Anwendungsbereiche. Je mehr Einblicke wir erhalten, desto besser können wir Vaira zu einer Plattform entwickeln, die den Ansprüchen aller Netzbetreiber, Baudienstleister und Stadtwerke gerecht werden kann. Daher freuen wir uns sehr über das Bündnis und die neuen Möglichkeiten der Zusammenarbeit“, erklärt Max Erdmann, CEO Vaira UG.

Über Veolia

Veolia ist in Deutschland seit über 25 Jahren als Umweltdienstleister tätig. Mehr als 11 500 Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter an rund 200 Standorten sorgen für hochwertiges Trinkwasser, umweltgerecht gereinigtes Abwasser, professionelles Abfallmanagement und Wertstoffrecycling, sowie eine sichere und saubere Energieversorgung. Für Privat- und Gewerbekunden sowie Handels- und Industriebetriebe entwickelt Veolia maßgeschneiderte Dienstleistungen entlang der gesamten Wertschöpfungskette. Besonders durch die Verknüpfung der Kompetenzen aller drei Geschäftsbereiche bietet Veolia integrierte, intelligente Services im Sinne des bestmöglichen und effizientesten Ressourceneinsatzes.

Über Vaira UG

Die Vaira UG ist ein junges Unternehmen aus Paderborn, das sich der digitalen Transformation des gesamten Prozesses einfacher Hausanschlüsse, ihrer Vermessung und sonstiger Dokumentation annimmt. Kunden-Onboarding, Auftragserstellung, Disposition, Abrechnung und Prozessdesign finden auf der Webplattform Vaira Office statt. Mit der dazugehörigen Smartphone-Anwendung lassen sich alle Arbeiten auf der Baustelle intuitiv, schnell und qualitätsgesichert bearbeiten. Von digitalen Formularen bis hin zur Vermessung in Augmented Reality – ganz ohne zusätzliche Hardware.

Über Thüga Energienetze GmbH

Thüga Energienetze GmbH (THEN) ist ein 100 % Tochterunternehmen der Thüga AG und umfassender Netzbetreiber der Sparten Strom, Gas und Breitband. THEN plant, baut und betreibt die dafür erforderlichen Infrastrukturen mit ca. 200 Mitarbeitern in rund 130 Kommunen. Damit ist THEN in den Regionen südliches Baden-Württemberg und Rheinpfalz einer der größten Infrastrukturbetreiber. Zudem ist THEN Service-Dienstleister für Kommunen, Stadtwerke, Industrie und Privatkunden.

Über Thüga

Die in München ansässige Thüga Aktiengesellschaft (Thüga) ist eine Beteiligungs- und Fachberatungsgesellschaft mit kommunaler Verankerung. 1867 gegründet, ist sie als Minderheitsgesellschafterin bundesweit an rund 100 Unternehmen der kommunalen Energie- und Wasserwirtschaft beteiligt. Die jeweiligen Mehrheitsgesellschafter sind Städte und Gemeinden. Mit ihren Partnern bildet Thüga den größten kommunalen Verbund lokaler und regionaler Energie- und Wasserversorgungsunternehmen in Deutschland – die Thüga-Gruppe.

Gemeinsames Ziel ist es, die Zukunft der kommunalen Energie- und Wasserversorgung zu gestalten. Mit ihren mehr als 200 Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern entwickelt und baut Thüga die Gruppe weiter aus, unterstützt kommunale Unternehmen mit Beratung sowie Dienstleistungsgesellschaften und trägt so zur Wettbewerbsfähigkeit ihrer Partner bei. Diese verantworten die aktive Marktbearbeitung mit ihren lokalen und regionalen Marken: Insgesamt versorgen die Thüga-Partner mit ihren mehr als 20.000 Mitarbeitern bundesweit über vier Millionen Kunden mit Strom, zwei Millionen Kunden mit Erdgas und eine Million Kunden mit Trinkwasser. Im Jahr 2018 haben sie dabei einen Umsatz von mehr als 21 Milliarden Euro erwirtschaftet.


Dennis Bienkowski (CMO)
05251 28470 67

July 2nd 2020

Press release
Cooperation with Veolia, Thüga AG and THEN

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Decorative photo. Shows the ground with a colored measurement point flushed into it. Above the photo there is a text placed. Title: AR-Measurement. Sub-Title: Features.
In Augmented Reality you can easily do all measurements with your smartphone. We explain to you how this magic works.
[View picture in full resolution]

June 25th • Dennis Bienkowski

Feature Focus: Augmented Reality-Measurement

How does the AR-measurement with the Vaira App work?

Often we look into impressed faces when we tell people – e.g. on fairs – that they can do the whole measurement process of simple house connections just with their phone. To be honest: I also couldn’t believe it in the beginning. I wouldn’t even have thought about doing proper measurements without any additional sensors or cameras in the accuracy of centimeters. But how does it work?

The core of our measurement task are the standard sensors that are integrated into most current smartphones. Neither is GPS needed, nor internet connection and not even any additional antennas. The only requirement is that the smartphone’s sensors are well-calibrated – something that is normally only properly done in the newer smartphones and not in the cheap ones as well. We especially use the gyroscope and the accelerator sensors.

You probably use both of the sensors in your daily life without even knowing it for other applications. They are used to locate your smartphone’s position and its movements. With them, your smartphone recognizes for example when you turn your phone – e.g. for watching a YouTube video fullscreen in the horizontal view. Other apps like Google Maps use these sensors as well to get to know in which direction your smartphone is directed.

Additionally to these sensors, you also need intelligent software to use the sensors properly and that does all the calculations. We use the principles of photogrammetry and the inertial system of the smartphone.

The inertial system is a physical principle, that – said as simple as possible – creates a coordinate system in which points can be placed. The position of the points is determined by precise acceleration and positioning information of the smartphone. This means that when we move our smartphone, the sensors notice this movement and can interpret the points’ locations to each other.

On the other hand, photogrammetry describes a way of the smartphone to understand its surrounding area as a 3D model. The camera of the smartphone perceives the world by a high amount of single photos. When the camera is moved, it can recognize distinct forms and patterns and arrange the photos to a 3D model with depth information. This calculations are done by software, that is essential for proper surrounding recognition. With this understanding of its surroundings, the depth-information can then be used for Augmented Reality applications.

We use the 3D model of your surrounding for the measurement. When you start the measurement task, you see a position marker that you can place in the world around you. This only works because your smartphone knows the distances and the depth of the field through photogrammetry. By pressing the “set”-button you can then place multiple position markers. We enhance this placement e.g. by adding lines between the different set points so you can directly see, whether you placed all markers right and hence whether the pipe is measured properly. Together with the previously mentioned sensor information, the Vaira App not only recognizes your surroundings and lets you place position markers. But by knowing the acceleration and the movement of your smartphone, the software is also able to calculate the distance between these points. The Augmented Reality view helps you better retrace what you measured in the first place.

I could tell you way more now. E.g. about the advantages of not having to sketch first and then making fine-drawings. But that would be too much for this feature focus and may be the topic for a future focus.

You have further questions about this feature or you want to try it out? Just mail us at [email protected]. You can also subscribe to our free monthly newsletter in which we inform you about all the technical progress of Vaira and also progresses we make as a company.

June 25th 2020

Feature Focus:
AR-Measurement with the Vaira Smartphone-App

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Scan of the article about Vaira of the Business Geomatics 3/20 from 22th of June.
A whole page about our platform Vaira – exciting!
[View picture in full resolution]

June 23rd • Dennis Bienkowski

Article about Vaira in the Business Geomatics 3/20 (published on 22th of June 2020)

Maybe you have already seen it: we were a topic in a newspaper! Not any newspaper, but the branch newspaper Business Geomatics. In the edition 3/20 from 22th of June, there is a complete page about us on page 18.

The author Jonas Reihl was really interested in Vaira and put together a lot of information about special aspects of Vaira. Also, two interviews were integrated, held with CEO Max Erdmann and me to get a deeper understanding of Vaira.

You can now read the article about us in the Business Geomatics for free online in the online archive of the Business Geomatics (german only). You can find the article on page 18.

We are really happy about the initiative interest of the press in us and our idea. We hope, that new people get to know about Vaira in this way. If you are interested in Vaira and maybe even got the attention through this article, please let us know and contact us. You can mail us at [email protected] or call us. You can also find any contact information at the bottom of the page.

June 23rd 2020

Press article about Vaira
in the Business Geomatics 3/20!

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Dekoratives Bild. Ein Finger, der auf den Betrachter zeigt. Drumherum sind Sechsecke in einem Netz in semi-transparentem Blau zu sehen, die ein Gefühl von Digitalität erwecken.
Maintain operational readiness – even in extraordinary times. Digitally transform today!
[See picture in full resolution (German)]

May 22nd • Dennis Bienkowski

Vaira brings your construction sites to the Home-Office

Digitalization also means staying operational at all times. What would have sounded like a meaningless slogan for quite some time, now becomes a bitter reality. We spoke to a lot of people of the industry, with employees and leaders, with people from municipal utilities as well as people from network operators. In these calls, we often heard that especially companies that still rely on analog processes suffered from the Home-Office situation. Partially, because important documents were location bound to their office, partially, because their company’s locally limited intranet did not properly or only with a lot of effort work via virtual tunnel solutions. These are problems that should not be anymore. We can help you.

With Vaira we can’t avoid that you still have to dig trenches and to lay pipes and cables – these are tasks that will still remain analog. Yet, all other steps like order acceptance, the setup of an order, the continuation, and the billing can be solved easy and partially even automatized by Vaira. Regardless of your location, completely digital and in real-time. By choosing Vaira, you choose to stay operational even during crisis times.

Make a virtue of necessity, take the chance and digitalize your processes completely. Maintain your operational readiness at all times and to be prepared for the unpredictable. You can find further information on our newly added section »Digitalize!«.

If you need any further information, please contact us via phone or via e-mail at [email protected]!

May 22nd 2020

Campaign: "Digitalize!" –
Vaira as a tool for the home office

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Decoration graphic. Show an apple iPad with the Vaira logo on screen. Next to it is the german text: Apple rüstet nach. Wir sind dabei.
Apple starts using LiDAR sensors in their iPads. That's a great hardware upgrade for measuring with Vaira!

March 20th • Dennis Bienkowski

Vaira even more consistently recovery accurate!

An important core feature of our Vaira platform is the measuring component. This module is especially interesting for all construction companies while their installers are working on the construction site. With Vaira, they can document properly where they put the pipes and cables into the ground. For this, we use only the camera and sensors of the smartphone, without any additional hardware or inaccurate GPS-data of the smartphone. This also means that we are always up-to-date when it comes to hardware changes that might enhance the quality of Augmented Reality measurements even more. With apple taking the next step in sensor technology on their iPads, we are happy to announce that Vaira will become even more accurate and hence match all requirements and rules there are.

By using depth sensors based on light-transmission, the iPads will now have supporting sensors for the camera to recognize surfaces properly. The used lasers have a big advantage: they don't react to the lighting of your environment. That means that the device does not need light to properly work like other visual hardware and hence make it also usable during the night or in very dark areas. The new sensors allow us to enhance Vaira further, now to be even more accurate than the actual +/- 1dm rules of Germany for the documentation of pipe infrastructure.

Out team already works on making Vaira ready to fit the new sensors within the iPad. Also, for 2020 there are a lot of Android devices announced that also go the way of adding additional depth sensors, meaning Android will also get a big accuracy upgrade during this year.

We are thrilled and will surely get you noticed about future changes in sensors and other technology changes! By signing in to our newsletter, you will always be up-to-date. Enter into our newsletter and don't miss any news anymore!

You want to be one of the first ones who use Vaira on their new iPad? Send us a text message to [email protected] and we will inform you as one of the first when the new sensor can be used.

March 20th 2020

Vaira benefits from the new LiDAR technology!

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Decoration photo. Group photo of the U-Start final. Gruppenfoto des U-Start-Finals. 20 Menschen stehen in einem Halbkreis vor den Bannern von Thüga, Veolia und BS|Energy und einem Roll-Up des U-Start-Wettbewerbs.
Group photo of the U-Start final. We sent out Max and Gero (6. & 7. f.l.t.r).

March 5th • Dennis Bienkowski

We won the U-Start competition by Veolia, Thüga and BS|Energy!

We did it! After our first presentation on the 20th of January, we were invited once again to come to Brunswick, where the big final of the U-Start competition took place. A jury of industry experts decided, which startups have the potential to innovate municipal utilities. The jury was:

  • Matthias Harms
    Vorsitzender der Geschäftsführung von Veolia Deutschland
  • Julien Mounier
    Geschäftsführer des Bereichs Energie bei Veolia Deutschland & Vorstandsvorsitzender BS Energy
  • Dr. Volker Lang
    Vorstand BS Energy & Geschäftsführer Kom-Dia
  • Michael Riechel
    Vorstandsvorsitzender Thüga
  • Dr. Christoph Ullmer
    Leiter Kompetenzcenter Innovation der Thüga
  • Richard Borek Jr.
    Unternehmer & aktiver Teilnehmer des Braunschweiger Startup- Ökosystems
  • Gerold Leppa
    Wirtschaftsdezernent der Stadt Braunschweig & Geschäftsführer der BS-Zukunft GmbH

The interest in Vaira was very high and by a final pitch we managed to become one of the two winning Startups. Now, we will talk in depth about possibilites for projects to do together. We are highly enthusiastic about that!

Official press release by Veolia, Thüga and BS|Energy:

German press release Veolia German press release Thüga German press release BS|Energy

March 5th 2020

Winner of the U-Start final "Stadtwerke Reloaded!"

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Decoration photo. Photo of the Startup booth of Vaira at Esri Conference 2020.
At our booth, constructed by Esri, Dennis holds the fort while Julius takes the photo.

March 4th • Dennis Bienkowski

Esri Conference 2020 – we participated as exhibitors!

By being part of the Esri startup program we were able to take part at the Esri Conference 2020 in Bonn as exhibitors. Here, we had the opportunity to talk to a lot of GIS using people from different industries that don't only document supply pipes and cables. We had exciting talks with foresters, radio mast constructors and people from transportation industries. These talks gave us ideas for possible further uses of Vaira in different contexts in the future. These interesting talks combined with the absolutely fantastic catering made the Esri Conference 2020 an absolute highlight for us that we would really like to attend again in the future.

March 3rd/4th 2020

Exhibitor at Esri Conference 2020

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Decoration photo. Max talks to interested people at the Georg Fischer booth at IRO 2020.
Max explains Vaira to interested persons at the Georg Fischer booth at IRO 2020.

February 17th • Dennis Bienkowski

Despite date overlapping: We were at IRO 2020!

Despite the overlapping of E-world 2020 and IRO 2020, we managed to take part in both fairs. Thanks to our partners from Georg Fischer we were able to talk to interested construction service providers about Vaira at Georg Fischer's booth. Here, at the institute for pipeline construction, we had the chance to present our platform to a completely different audience. While the E-world was especially addressing the network operators who are most interested in the office part of Vaira, the construction workers were eager to know more about the measuring component.

February 13th/14th 2020

Exhibitor at IRO 2020 in Oldenburg

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Decoration photo. Team photo of Vaira that shows five of us in front of our booth at E-world 2020.
In way to bright flash light, (f.l.t.r.) Julius, Dennis, Max, Gero and Jessica stay ready at our E-world 2020 booth.

February 15th • Dennis Bienkowski

We took part in E-world 2020 as exhibitors!

Once again we visited a fair as exhibitors: this time we were at E-world 2020 in Essen as a team of five. The leading fair for the energy industry promised to give us good further insights and contacts with network operators and municipal utilities, as well as we were able to meet people we already know some while.

Our booth was again supported by the ministry of economics and export control, that offered the community area "Innovation made in Germany" for fitting startups. Also, we could join our new partners from Union.Now at their booth for some time as a second place to talk about Vaira. This enabled us to talk to a lot of different people who are right now desperately looking for digital solutions to enhance their data quality and to quicken the whole process. A perfect match for us! By showing details of the Vaira Office, a lot of office workers and company leaders saw the great potencial that lays within Vaira's easy and fast process digitalization.

The E-world was an important event for us and we are very sure, that we will again take part in next year's E-world! See you there!

February 11th-13th 2020

Exhibitor at E-world 2020 in Essen

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Decoration photo. Shows the Vaira booth at U-Start pitch. Two tables, a big cupboard and some decoration can be seen.
Our booth at the U-Start pitch event, put together by the event organisators.

January 21st • Dennis Bienkowski

Presentation of Vaira at U-Start competition by Thüga, Veolia and BS|Energy

In the course of a call by Veolia, Thüga and the municipal utility of Brunswick, we traveled to Brunswick for after the pre-selection in October. Under the headline "Stadtwerke Reloaded!" the three companies seek for innovations that have the potential to digitalize processes of municipal network operators. Being there, we could present Vaira to a broader audience, set together by people from the three companies organizing the event. At our booth we had the chance to go more into detail about our platform.

The interest in Vaira was quite big and the opportunity to directly talk to one of our main target groups was perfect to become more popular. With a good gut feeling we hope that we can convince the jury at the final pitch in March once again.

January 20th 2020

Participation in the U-Start competition
by Thüga, Veolia and BS|Energy

January 14th 2020

Co-Exhibitor at InfraTech 2020 in Essen

January 13th 2020

Moving our office to Technologiepark 13

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October 4th 2019 • Dennis Bienkowski

Max is interviewed in the GIS.Business 6/2019!

Decoration photo. Shows the head part of the interview printed in the GIS.Business.
Upper part of the interview of Max in the GIS.Business

In the winter's edition of the GIS Business our CEO Max was interviewed by Gerold Olbrich. Topics were the measurement and documentation with Vaira, how Vaira can digitalize the whole process and how we optimize the process additionally. The interview can be found on page 50 of the magazin. Also, this is the german transcript of the printed interview:

Aus welchem Anlass haben Sie die Vaira UG gegründet?

Wir haben die Vaira UG gegründet, um unsere Idee einer einheitlichen digitalen Plattform für den kompletten Hausanschluss-Prozess zu verwirklichen. Als junges Team haben wir bereits mehrjährige Erfahrung in der Branche gesammelt und kennen die Herausforderungen im Vermessungs- und Dokumentationsprozess. Als Vaira UG haben wir jetzt die Möglichkeit, mit Netzbetreibern und Dienstleistern gemeinsame Projekte ideell und finanziell umzusetzen.

Was sind die Besonderheiten der Lösung „Vaira“?

Mit Vaira digitalisieren wir den kompletten Prozess der einfachen Hausanschluss-Dokumentation. Hausanschlusskunden können Aufträge über unsere Web-Plattform erstellen, Netzbetreiber und Dienstleister diese dann gemeinsam verwalten. Auch die Monteure finden alle Auftragsdaten in Echtzeit synchronisiert in ihrer Smartphone-App. Eine Anbindung über Schnittstellen ermöglicht eine automatische Ein- und Ausgabe von Datensätzen aus GIS- und ERP-Systemen. Ein Kernfeature ist die Vermessung per Augmented Reality mit dem Smartphone. Mit dieser können die Monteure vollständige und qualitativ hochwertige Dokumentationen erstellen – ganz ohne zusätzliche Hardware und durchgängig digital. Die Datenqualität wird durch Konformitätschecks bei der Eingabe erhöht und alle Fortschritte werden in Echtzeit mit der Fortführung synchronisiert. Zu jedem Messpunkt werden außerdem automatisch Fotos geschossen, durch die die Situation im Büro nachvollziehbar wird und anhand derer wir außerdem eine KI für zukünftige Features trainieren.

Für welche Anwendungsbereiche kann Vaira eingesetzt werden?

Unser Fokus liegt aktuell auf einfachen Hausanschlüssen. Die bieten sich an, da sie trotz aller Unterschiede innerhalb der Branche trotzdem noch so formelhaft-standardisiert geschehen, dass sich auf ihrer Basis auch unterschiedliche Netzbetreiber und Dienstleister für die projektbasierte Entwicklung zusammenfinden können. Wir haben allerdings schon Anfragen von Kommunen, Kataster-Ämtern und aus der freien Wirtschaft, national wie international, erhalten. Auch Polizei, Feuerwehr oder die Forstwirtschaft suchen nach digitalen Vermessungs- und Dokumentationslösungen und haben bereits Interesse bekundet. Hier werden gemeinsame Projekte in Zukunft zeigen, wie gut sich Vaira auch für diese Bereiche eignet.

Welche Weiterentwicklungen haben Sie für den Vermessungs- und Dokumentationsbereich geplant?

Die zentrale Weiterentwicklung ist die komplette Prozess-Digitalisierung. Wir übertragen die analogen Prozessstrukturen nicht stumpf in die digitale Welt, sondern optimieren sie während der Entwicklung. Die Branche weiß um ihre analogen Herausforderungen. Monteure kritisieren langwierige Dokumentationen, nutzen oft nur das Maßband und bei der Reinzeichnung von Skizzen kommt es versehentlich zu Fehlern. Die Fortführung leidet unter unvollständigen oder unleserlichen Dokumentationen. Datenaustausch und Kommunikation finden über unterschiedliche Medien und Kanäle statt. In einer Zeit, in der sich Daten bequem über Schnittstellen ein- und ausgeben lassen, werden noch immer Messergebnisse per Post oder Fax verschickt und mühsam manuell übertragen – Übertragungsfehler inklusive. Wir bieten mit Vaira eine vollständig digitale Plattform mit offenen Schnittstellen, die von allen Prozessbeteiligten intuitiv und ohne großen Installationsaufwand genutzt werden kann. Vaira senkt insgesamt die Dauer von Vermessungen, während die Qualität aller erhobener Daten erheblich steigt und zusätzlicher Aufwand durch Rückfragen aus der Prozesskette entfernt wird.

Das Interview führte Gerold Olbrich

Winter 2019

Interview in the GIS.Business 6/2019
with our CEO Max Erdmann

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Decoration photo. Minister Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart shakes the hand of our developer Lamija while developer Sebastian and CEO Max stand next to them in front of a table.
Lamija, Sebastian and Max (f.l.t.r.) standing together with Minister Pinkwart who congratulates Lamija.

October 4th 2019 • Dennis Bienkowski

Ceremonial Award of the three Gründerstipendien by Minister Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart

Just one day before the anniversary of German unification, three of our founders, Lamija, Max and Sebastian, were invited to Düsseldorf. There, they got their Gründerstipendium in a ceremonial event handed over by Minister Pinkwart. This stipend supports startups that have convinced a jury to be innovative and promising and they shall help young companies to grow.

October 2nd 2019

Three Gründerstipendien for Vaira!

September 25th 2019

We gave a lecture at GiN-EVU-Forum:
Augmented Reality und mobile Prozresse mit Praxisbeispiel
"AR-Vermessung per Smartphone"

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Decoration photo. Gero, Dennis and Max stand in front of our Intergeo booth, ready to be photographed.
Gero, Dennis and Max (f.l.t.r.) at our first own Vaira booth at Intergeo 2019

September 24th 2019 • Dennis Bienkowski

Intergeo 2019: Our first fair as Vaira UG!

In fall 2019 we had our first big external fair event as Vaira UG. At the community space "Innovation made in Germany", supported by the German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA), we had our very own booth. Here we could tell a broad audience about Vaira for the first time in person. We put a special focus on the Augmented Reality measurement which was also projected via video at our projection screen – and that gave us some quite amazed gazes by the people who strolled along and stopped abruptly.

We had a lot of talks and quickly realized, that our solution is not only important for German network operators and construction companies, but also for the international market. People from America, India, and China were highly interested in our solution. We managed to gather a lot of contacts at this fair who are still part of our frequent Newsletters and who hold a contact to us to stay updated.

We are sure: the Intergeo 2020 will be a must-visit for us!

September 17th-19th 2019

Exhibitor at Intergeo 2019 in Stuttgart

August 19th 2019

Nominee for the Wichmann Innovation Award 2019
in the category "Software"

June 7th 2019

Official founding of the Vaira UG