Headline-Bild einer Baustelle. Man sieht einen offenen Graben, in dem ein paar Schutzrohre liegen.
Decoration graphic. Show an apple iPad with the Vaira logo on screen. Next to it is the german text: Apple rüstet nach. Wir sind dabei.
Apple starts using LiDAR sensors in their iPads. That's a great hardware upgrade for measuring with Vaira!

March 20th • Dennis Bienkowski

Vaira even more consistently recovery accurate!

An important core feature of our Vaira platform is the measuring component. This module is especially interesting for all construction companies while their installers are working on the construction site. With Vaira, they can document properly where they put the pipes and cables into the ground. For this, we use only the camera and sensors of the smartphone, without any additional hardware or inaccurate GPS-data of the smartphone. This also means that we are always up-to-date when it comes to hardware changes that might enhance the quality of Augmented Reality measurements even more. With apple taking the next step in sensor technology on their iPads, we are happy to announce that Vaira will become even more accurate and hence match all requirements and rules there are.

By using depth sensors based on light-transmission, the iPads will now have supporting sensors for the camera to recognize surfaces properly. The used lasers have a big advantage: they don't react to the lighting of your environment. That means that the device does not need light to properly work like other visual hardware and hence make it also usable during the night or in very dark areas. The new sensors allow us to enhance Vaira further, now to be even more accurate than the actual +/- 1dm rules of Germany for the documentation of pipe infrastructure.

Out team already works on making Vaira ready to fit the new sensors within the iPad. Also, for 2020 there are a lot of Android devices announced that also go the way of adding additional depth sensors, meaning Android will also get a big accuracy upgrade during this year.

We are thrilled and will surely get you noticed about future changes in sensors and other technology changes! By signing in to our newsletter, you will always be up-to-date. Enter into our newsletter and don't miss any news anymore!

You want to be one of the first ones who use Vaira on their new iPad? Send us a text message to [email protected] and we will inform you as one of the first when the new sensor can be used.

Decoration photo. Group photo of the U-Start final. Gruppenfoto des U-Start-Finals. 20 Menschen stehen in einem Halbkreis vor den Bannern von Thüga, Veolia und BS|Energy und einem Roll-Up des U-Start-Wettbewerbs.
Group photo of the U-Start final. We sent out Max and Gero (6. & 7. f.l.t.r).

March 5th • Dennis Bienkowski

We won the U-Start competition by Veolia, Thüga and BS|Energy!

We did it! After our first presentation on the 20th of January, we were invited once again to come to Brunswick, where the big final of the U-Start competition took place. A jury of industry experts decided, which startups have the potential to innovate municipal utilities. The jury was:

  • Matthias Harms
    Vorsitzender der Geschäftsführung von Veolia Deutschland
  • Julien Mounier
    Geschäftsführer des Bereichs Energie bei Veolia Deutschland & Vorstandsvorsitzender BS Energy
  • Dr. Volker Lang
    Vorstand BS Energy & Geschäftsführer Kom-Dia
  • Michael Riechel
    Vorstandsvorsitzender Thüga
  • Dr. Christoph Ullmer
    Leiter Kompetenzcenter Innovation der Thüga
  • Richard Borek Jr.
    Unternehmer & aktiver Teilnehmer des Braunschweiger Startup- Ökosystems
  • Gerold Leppa
    Wirtschaftsdezernent der Stadt Braunschweig & Geschäftsführer der BS-Zukunft GmbH

The interest in Vaira was very high and by a final pitch we managed to become one of the two winning Startups. Now, we will talk in depth about possibilites for projects to do together. We are highly enthusiastic about that!

Official press release by Veolia, Thüga and BS|Energy:

German press release Veolia German press release Thüga German press release BS|Energy

March 5th 2020

Winner of the U-Start final "Stadtwerke Reloaded!"

Decoration photo. Photo of the Startup booth of Vaira at Esri Conference 2020.
At our booth, constructed by Esri, Dennis holds the fort while Julius takes the photo.

March 4th • Dennis Bienkowski

Esri Conference 2020 – we participated as exhibitors!

By being part of the Esri startup program we were able to take part at the Esri Conference 2020 in Bonn as exhibitors. Here, we had the opportunity to talk to a lot of GIS using people from different industries that don't only document supply pipes and cables. We had exciting talks with foresters, radio mast constructors and people from transportation industries. These talks gave us ideas for possible further uses of Vaira in different contexts in the future. These interesting talks combined with the absolutely fantastic catering made the Esri Conference 2020 an absolute highlight for us that we would really like to attend again in the future.

March 3rd/4th 2020

Exhibitor at Esri Conference 2020

Decoration photo. Max talks to interested people at the Georg Fischer booth at IRO 2020.
Max explains Vaira to interested persons at the Georg Fischer booth at IRO 2020.

February 17th • Dennis Bienkowski

Despite date overlapping: We were at IRO 2020!

Despite the overlapping of E-world 2020 and IRO 2020, we managed to take part in both fairs. Thanks to our partners from Georg Fischer we were able to talk to interested construction service providers about Vaira at Georg Fischer's booth. Here, at the institute for pipeline construction, we had the chance to present our platform to a completely different audience. While the E-world was especially addressing the network operators who are most interested in the office part of Vaira, the construction workers were eager to know more about the measuring component.

February 13th/14th 2020

Exhibitor at IRO 2020 in Oldenburg

Decoration photo. Team photo of Vaira that shows five of us in front of our booth at E-world 2020.
In way to bright flash light, (f.l.t.r.) Julius, Dennis, Max, Gero and Jessica stay ready at our E-world 2020 booth.

February 15th • Dennis Bienkowski

We took part in E-world 2020 as exhibitors!

Once again we visited a fair as exhibitors: this time we were at E-world 2020 in Essen as a team of five. The leading fair for the energy industry promised to give us good further insights and contacts with network operators and municipal utilities, as well as we were able to meet people we already know some while.

Our booth was again supported by the ministry of economics and export control, that offered the community area "Innovation made in Germany" for fitting startups. Also, we could join our new partners from Union.Now at their booth for some time as a second place to talk about Vaira. This enabled us to talk to a lot of different people who are right now desperately looking for digital solutions to enhance their data quality and to quicken the whole process. A perfect match for us! By showing details of the Vaira Office, a lot of office workers and company leaders saw the great potencial that lays within Vaira's easy and fast process digitalization.

The E-world was an important event for us and we are very sure, that we will again take part in next year's E-world! See you there!

February 11th-13th 2020

Exhibitor at E-world 2020 in Essen

Decoration photo. Shows the Vaira booth at U-Start pitch. Two tables, a big cupboard and some decoration can be seen.
Our booth at the U-Start pitch event, put together by the event organisators.

January 21st • Dennis Bienkowski

Presentation of Vaira at U-Start competition by Thüga, Veolia and BS|Energy

In the course of a call by Veolia, Thüga and the municipal utility of Brunswick, we traveled to Brunswick for after the pre-selection in October. Under the headline "Stadtwerke Reloaded!" the three companies seek for innovations that have the potential to digitalize processes of municipal network operators. Being there, we could present Vaira to a broader audience, set together by people from the three companies organizing the event. At our booth we had the chance to go more into detail about our platform.

The interest in Vaira was quite big and the opportunity to directly talk to one of our main target groups was perfect to become more popular. With a good gut feeling we hope that we can convince the jury at the final pitch in March once again.

January 20th 2020

Participation in the U-Start competition
by Thüga, Veolia and BS|Energy

January 14th 2020

Co-Exhibitor at InfraTech 2020 in Essen

January 13th 2020

Moving our office to Technologiepark 13

October 4th 2019 • Dennis Bienkowski

Max is interviewed in the GIS.Business 6/2019!

Decoration photo. Shows the head part of the interview printed in the GIS.Business.
Upper part of the interview of Max in the GIS.Business

In the winter's edition of the GIS Business our CEO Max was interviewed by Gerold Olbrich. Topics were the measurement and documentation with Vaira, how Vaira can digitalize the whole process and how we optimize the process additionally. The interview can be found on page 50 of the magazin. Also, this is the german transcript of the printed interview:

Aus welchem Anlass haben Sie die Vaira UG gegründet?

Wir haben die Vaira UG gegründet, um unsere Idee einer einheitlichen digitalen Plattform für den kompletten Hausanschluss-Prozess zu verwirklichen. Als junges Team haben wir bereits mehrjährige Erfahrung in der Branche gesammelt und kennen die Herausforderungen im Vermessungs- und Dokumentationsprozess. Als Vaira UG haben wir jetzt die Möglichkeit, mit Netzbetreibern und Dienstleistern gemeinsame Projekte ideell und finanziell umzusetzen.

Was sind die Besonderheiten der Lösung „Vaira“?

Mit Vaira digitalisieren wir den kompletten Prozess der einfachen Hausanschluss-Dokumentation. Hausanschlusskunden können Aufträge über unsere Web-Plattform erstellen, Netzbetreiber und Dienstleister diese dann gemeinsam verwalten. Auch die Monteure finden alle Auftragsdaten in Echtzeit synchronisiert in ihrer Smartphone-App. Eine Anbindung über Schnittstellen ermöglicht eine automatische Ein- und Ausgabe von Datensätzen aus GIS- und ERP-Systemen. Ein Kernfeature ist die Vermessung per Augmented Reality mit dem Smartphone. Mit dieser können die Monteure vollständige und qualitativ hochwertige Dokumentationen erstellen – ganz ohne zusätzliche Hardware und durchgängig digital. Die Datenqualität wird durch Konformitätschecks bei der Eingabe erhöht und alle Fortschritte werden in Echtzeit mit der Fortführung synchronisiert. Zu jedem Messpunkt werden außerdem automatisch Fotos geschossen, durch die die Situation im Büro nachvollziehbar wird und anhand derer wir außerdem eine KI für zukünftige Features trainieren.

Für welche Anwendungsbereiche kann Vaira eingesetzt werden?

Unser Fokus liegt aktuell auf einfachen Hausanschlüssen. Die bieten sich an, da sie trotz aller Unterschiede innerhalb der Branche trotzdem noch so formelhaft-standardisiert geschehen, dass sich auf ihrer Basis auch unterschiedliche Netzbetreiber und Dienstleister für die projektbasierte Entwicklung zusammenfinden können. Wir haben allerdings schon Anfragen von Kommunen, Kataster-Ämtern und aus der freien Wirtschaft, national wie international, erhalten. Auch Polizei, Feuerwehr oder die Forstwirtschaft suchen nach digitalen Vermessungs- und Dokumentationslösungen und haben bereits Interesse bekundet. Hier werden gemeinsame Projekte in Zukunft zeigen, wie gut sich Vaira auch für diese Bereiche eignet.

Welche Weiterentwicklungen haben Sie für den Vermessungs- und Dokumentationsbereich geplant?

Die zentrale Weiterentwicklung ist die komplette Prozess-Digitalisierung. Wir übertragen die analogen Prozessstrukturen nicht stumpf in die digitale Welt, sondern optimieren sie während der Entwicklung. Die Branche weiß um ihre analogen Herausforderungen. Monteure kritisieren langwierige Dokumentationen, nutzen oft nur das Maßband und bei der Reinzeichnung von Skizzen kommt es versehentlich zu Fehlern. Die Fortführung leidet unter unvollständigen oder unleserlichen Dokumentationen. Datenaustausch und Kommunikation finden über unterschiedliche Medien und Kanäle statt. In einer Zeit, in der sich Daten bequem über Schnittstellen ein- und ausgeben lassen, werden noch immer Messergebnisse per Post oder Fax verschickt und mühsam manuell übertragen – Übertragungsfehler inklusive. Wir bieten mit Vaira eine vollständig digitale Plattform mit offenen Schnittstellen, die von allen Prozessbeteiligten intuitiv und ohne großen Installationsaufwand genutzt werden kann. Vaira senkt insgesamt die Dauer von Vermessungen, während die Qualität aller erhobener Daten erheblich steigt und zusätzlicher Aufwand durch Rückfragen aus der Prozesskette entfernt wird.

Das Interview führte Gerold Olbrich

Winter 2019

Interview in the GIS.Business 6/2019
with our CEO Max Erdmann

Decoration photo. Minister Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart shakes the hand of our developer Lamija while developer Sebastian and CEO Max stand next to them in front of a table.
Lamija, Sebastian and Max (f.l.t.r.) standing together with Minister Pinkwart who congratulates Lamija.

October 4th 2019 • Dennis Bienkowski

Ceremonial Award of the three Gründerstipendien by Minister Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart

Just one day before the anniversary of German unification, three of our founders, Lamija, Max and Sebastian, were invited to Düsseldorf. There, they got their Gründerstipendium in a ceremonial event handed over by Minister Pinkwart. This stipend supports startups that have convinced a jury to be innovative and promising and they shall help young companies to grow.

October 2nd 2019

Three Gründerstipendien for Vaira!

September 25th 2019

We gave a lecture at GiN-EVU-Forum:
Augmented Reality und mobile Prozresse mit Praxisbeispiel
"AR-Vermessung per Smartphone"

Decoration photo. Gero, Dennis and Max stand in front of our Intergeo booth, ready to be photographed.
Gero, Dennis and Max (f.l.t.r.) at our first own Vaira booth at Intergeo 2019

September 24th 2019 • Dennis Bienkowski

Intergeo 2019: Our first fair as Vaira UG!

In fall 2019 we had our first big external fair event as Vaira UG. At the community space "Innovation made in Germany", supported by the German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA), we had our very own booth. Here we could tell a broad audience about Vaira for the first time in person. We put a special focus on the Augmented Reality measurement which was also projected via video at our projection screen – and that gave us some quite amazed gazes by the people who strolled along and stopped abruptly.

We had a lot of talks and quickly realized, that our solution is not only important for German network operators and construction companies, but also for the international market. People from America, India, and China were highly interested in our solution. We managed to gather a lot of contacts at this fair who are still part of our frequent Newsletters and who hold a contact to us to stay updated.

We are sure: the Intergeo 2020 will be a must-visit for us!

September 17th-19th 2019

Exhibitor at Intergeo 2019 in Stuttgart

August 19th 2019

Nominee for the Wichmann Innovation Award 2019
in the category "Software"

June 7th 2019

Official founding of the Vaira UG