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Vaira UG
Technologiepark 13
33100 Paderborn

Subject: We apply to you!

Dear person at the digital receiver,

it seems you are interested in a job with us. That’s a good thing. We are a young company from Paderborn, which is currently in the growth phase. We need all kinds of supporting hands.

You would like to help us technically develop a comprehensive platform for the construction and energy industry? You are a professional when it comes to marketing software, are a social media talent or feel comfortable in media work? You’re especially talented in project organization, support or bureaucratic tasks to keep things running smoothly? Then you might be interested in the opportunities on this page.

You’ll find all of our company’s current job openings here. Not the right one for you? No problem! We also accept your unsolicited application and will contact you as soon as a job opportunity arises.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards
Your Vaira Team

Available jobs

Here, you find all jobs currently in offer.

Nothing’s fitting you? You can still send us your unsolicited application to jobs@vaira.app.

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Ready for the mission?

Our fuel

Passionate about work

Our vision is a world in which people are once again at the center and technology is not seen as a shackle but as a tool. The self-chosen profession should not be a daily burden, but should be lived as a vocation with meaning, fun, and recognition. Working time is lifetime and should therefore be valued as such at all times.

Driving meaningful work

At Vaira, we want to put people back at the center of attention. We achieve this by once again seeing technology as a tool that has the potential to shape everyday working life with meaning, fun, and recognition. As a team, we develop digital solutions for appreciative processes – with people, for people. Our solutions take on both essential and redundant tasks, so that even people without a technical background can participate intuitively and with joy in the digital transformation of their own everyday work. Together, we shape the workplace of the future.

What makes our crew


We inspire, excite and convince – with our team, our product, our service. Together, with enthusiasm and euphoria, we make the world a little better every day.


We want to revolutionize the way we work. With perseverance and ambition, we also go the extra mile to achieve this. Our drive and commitment make the difference.


The team comes first. Cohesion forms the foundation on which we build as a unit, overcome hurdles and redefine boundaries.


Being innovative means leading the way with creative and smart solutions that adapt agilely to the circumstances and convince with their originality. We are not satisfied with the status quo, because taking risks at least always means gaining experience.


At the core of our success is our hands-on mentality. With dedication and a sense of duty, we reliably achieve our goals while always finding time to support team members.


Everyone should develop according to their own interests, shape their own activities and realize themselves in them. In doing so, we live a culture that allows learning from mistakes and seizing opportunities.

Our rules and principles on board

Open Door Philosophy

If the shoe pinches somewhere, you need a question or simply a second opinion – the doors (also remote) are always open to you.

Individual work design

We offer flexible working hours and the possibility of mobile working.

At eye level

We are a team and maintain a respectful and appreciative interaction with each other.

Honest exchange

We live an open feedback culture through monthly retros and internal sentiment surveys.

Preferences in view

Everyone has the opportunity to work in a self-determined manner and to further their education according to their personal interests.

Down to earth

Even on the first floor, the mood is already at the top.

In good times and bad

We live transparency. We celebrate successes together, but we are also not afraid to admit mistakes and learn from them for the future.

A strong mixture

We are an interdisciplinary, diverse team with English as the team language.

Open for new things

We live an open and curious work culture – no »it's always been this way«.

The future in sight

We don't just think about tomorrow, but also about the day after tomorrow. With our company pension scheme, we are helping to ensure that you are also well-equipped for this.

In the tooth of time

We use the latest hardware and technology to help you perform at your best while having fun.

Nature as a foundation

We not only care about people, but also about our environment. With our bike leasing, we contribute to a more sustainable way of life - for you, for nature, for the next generation.

Our crew is looking for your support!

Above we have listed the currently open positions. Not the right one for you? Then feel free to contact us on your own initiative! Send us your application to jobs@vaira.app and we will contact you as soon as a suitable position is available.

Information on data protection, the length of time your data is stored and more can be found on this page.

Want to be kept up to date about us and future job openings? Then follow us on social media!

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You still have questions?

In this case, you can also send us your question to jobs@vaira.app. But maybe we already have some answers for you below.

Questions about applying to Vaira

We believe that submitting an application should be easy and smooth. Therefore, in most cases, we only ask for a resume. If you want to submit additional documents, you are of course welcome to do so.

Don’t worry, it’s not a trap – if we need more than your resume, we’ll get back to you via email.

We may ask specific questions on some applications. We do this because we value potential over the background. This is to give you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd with your answer.

If we have a position available that fits your application, our selection process for most positions includes one to two stages:

  1. In each case, there is an interview with your future team lead, a person from the talent team and the managing director (~60min).
  2. There may be an additional home task afterwards where you can show what you’ve got.

We customize the interview process for each role, so the phases may vary depending on the department or seniority of the role. The talent team is always available to answer your questions. This will help you prepare in the best possible way.

Basically, each of our interviews is a two-way conversation. So you have plenty of opportunity to ask us questions, just as we ask you questions. Use this opportunity to find out for yourself whether we are a good match.

The Talent Team will provide you with all the information and resources you need to prepare. The application process will test your thinking, working, and practical skills. Some general tips to help you stand out:

Find out about Vaira!

During your first interview, we want to see that you’ve read up on us, what we do, and how we work – for example, by browsing our website, resources, and news feed, googling press releases or articles about us in the news, etc. Many questions you usually have can be answered by doing some basic research, and asking educated (and informed) questions from the start will set you apart from the crowd.

You know what you want!

We value your motivation and ambition as much as your experience and skills. So be prepared to answer not only why you’re a good fit for us, but also why you’re interested in working for us. This includes what you would also like to learn new in this position.

We are a small, fast-growing team and work closely together. So if you clearly show that you know what you want, you’re giving us confirmation that you’re motivated. If your answer is, »I’m applying for this job because I want a job«, then Vaira probably isn’t the right working place for you.

Read the job description

We write job descriptions to accomplish two things: First, to give you an idea of what your job with us would be like. Second, to tell you exactly what requirements we’re looking for. We don’t unnecessarily bloat them with empty bullet points like „be a team player“ – who doesn’t think that about themselves?

You can prepare appropriately for each stage of the application. Here are a few tips:

    • Before the application: think about whether you still want the job in 3, 6, or 12 months and which of the requirements you do or do not meet.
    • Before the interview: Think about 1-2 behavioral questions – „Tell me about a time when,“ „How did you do X in your previous role,“ etc. – that we might ask you about each bullet point. Check to see if you can answer them yourself and where your gaps are.

Read our values

Our values define how we make decisions, how we work with each other, and how we behave toward customers and other stakeholders. As you become familiar with our values, think about which ones you identify with more and which ones you struggle with. None of us will ever live all of our values perfectly, but they are our north star in terms of how we behave and part of how we evaluate our performance.

The format of our questions is mostly behavioral.

We ask questions about your background and experience, your skills, and your motivation to join us. In addition, we want to get a sense of what is challenging for you and how you approach it. A good way to prepare is to read through the job description and think about what questions we might ask you about each of the desired skills we list.

After you have applied, you will receive feedback from us within 5 working days.

After the first interview, or between each stage of the selection process, we will get back to you by email within 3 business days.

If we do not get back to you within this time, either something dramatic has happened or we are not following our guidelines. You are then welcome to email us (but please bear with us – we all miss a deadline sometimes)!

If you live further away, then you will probably never have to. If you are from the region, we would be happy to welcome you personally to our office.

If we ask you to come to our office as part of the selection process, we will cover your travel, food, and accommodation costs (within reason). Our talent team will explain the details of this in due course.

Absolutely! We typically ask applicants to wait six months before applying for another position at Vaira. This gives you time to learn new skills and gain experience so you can be successful in future interviews.

It is good and important that you care about your data. We take data protection very seriously. Therefore, we have written a comprehensive article about how we handle your data. You can find it via this link: Data Protection for Applicants.

Questions about life and work at Vaira

For our talents, being part of Vaira means they have the opportunity to work in a small and fast-paced team. In doing so, they can take ownership of their activities, making a visible impact on the company’s growth and building and advancing their own careers – at Vaira and beyond. All while developing a product that improves people’s lives.

We are a development team of currently six people in the mobile office as well as in the office in Paderborn. Our collaboration takes place both digitally and in person, so we make all decisions together. We are currently organized into three smaller teams that focus on the app, web and backend components. Specifically, our team is made up as follows:

    • CTO & Co-Founder (Sebastian).
    • 2x backend specialists
    • 1x frontend specialist
    • 2x app specialists

Wir sind ein Sales-Team aus drei Personen, die sich um die Kundenakquise, unsere Bestandskunden und die Betreuung der Partner kümmern. Auch unser Sales-Team arbeitet dabei vollkommen flexibel, mal im Mobile-Office, mal im Büro oder bei unseren Kunden vor Ort. Dabei wird sich regelmäßig in Dailys und wöchentlichen Sales-Meetings ausgetauscht. Unser Customer-Success Team besteht aus:

    • CEO & Gründer (Max)
    • CSO (Philipp)
    • 1x Projekt-Management-Spezialist*innen
Unser Marketing-Team setzt sich momentan aus zwei Personen zusammen. Es erreicht durch Newsletter, Videoproduktionen, Webseminare, als Aussteller auf Messen, Veröffentlichungen in Fachzeitschriften und vielem mehr einen großen Kundenkreis und die Grundlage für unser Vertriebsteam. Diese Reichweite verdanken wir:
    • CMO (Dennis)
    • 1x Marketing-Spezialist*innen

It is good and important that you care about your data. We take data protection very seriously. Therefore, we have written a comprehensive article about how we handle your data. You can find it via this link: Data Protection for Applicants.