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Vaira – Thinking processes digital

We are a young company from Paderborn (Germany) and we are working closely together with network operators and construction companies to digitally transform the process of measuring and documenting simple house connections. On our website you can get further information about the single parts of Vaira. We show you, how you can improve your process by using Vaira and how you can use your mobile phone for accurate measurings on construction sites – without tape measure, GPS and any additional hardware.

Our partners

By working together tightly with the industry, we develop Vaira as a platform that matches all needs by being modular and flexible. For this process, partners are a central aspect of the development of Vaira. Next to others, these are the partners we are allowed to publically tell you about:

The challenge

Be honest: Have you ever been annoyed by a messy house connection process? Are you asking yourself why you are still sending batches of paper by post in 2020? You didn’t understand, why one order reaches you by mail, another via fax and you additionally receive pictures of any action? Are you often shaking your head because you need to work extra hours to turn a house connection sketch into a final drawing? And why are daily reports still sent as table files by email? This isn’t the kind of digitalization you hoped and wished for, is it?

Isometrical graphic showing the actual communication ways between network operators, construction companies and customers in the branche of simple house connections. There are many ways, it is quite chaotic.

The wish

Digitalization should simplify our life and work routines. What is needed is a clever translation of previously analog processes into the digital life. A thought-out digital transformation, instead of plump digitalization. Solutions that are not pressed on you by any software company, which have no insights in your processes. It takes fresh ideas from outside, from people who are willing to work intensively with you and your requirements. In a nutshell: Hello, we are Vaira and we would love to help you.

Isometrical graphic showing the actual communication ways between network operators, construction companies and customers in the branche of simple house connections. There are way less ways and all lead from or to Vaira to organize the communication flows. Bild eines Smartphones, das den Login-Bildschirm der Vaira-App zeigt.

The challenges of the industry

Due to several years of experience in the utility and construction service provider industry, we’ve gained numerous insights into different companies. Among them we’ve come across different challenges - which can be solved by clever digitalization. No matter if you work in job preparation or continuation in the office, or if you document the grid connection as an installer at the construction site. With the help of sample stories, we would like to show you the potential of our cooperation.

Picture of a man at his desk. The desk is full of paper. He works in the order preparation.

Job preparation

You enter the office in the morning and the first thing you see is a batch of paper. You turn on your computer, type in your login data and start your functional, but outdated, ERP System. You have three missed calls from the sales department in your mailbox, you got twenty new emails and just as many letters with new orders waiting to be coordinated. You take an order off the batch, start the GIS-system of your trust and get ready for a new order with all its documents. If you are lucky, you can send it later via email to your construction service provider. In the worst case you might print out everything and send it by post. Is that really needed?

Picture of a construction site with an open trench. There is a house on the left site and the trench has some protection cables in it.

Assembly and documentation

You enter the office in the morning. Your construction site manager has given you the two jobs for today. Again a stack of notes of standard forms, although you will only need a fractional amount of it. You drive with your team to the construction site. The civil engineer has been pretty fast today and gives you at your arrival a note with some information about the job. You place the pipes and cables as usual followed by the documentation.

After the first two pages you notice that one of the standard forms is missing. Damn it! So you try to remember which information was essential and you scribble it on the back of another form. Now it is time for the surveying. It is always said that a rectangular is indispensable, but you did well so far with using the tape measure. That’s why the rectangular stays in the van and you and your colleague jump into the ditch to record the required measures. You collect all information in a sketch and as soon as you are done, you take some requested pictures with your mobile phone.

Now, you might still have time to work on the second job. In the evening, or maybe on your usual friday, you return to the office to get all the important data from your scribbled hand sketch and you try to turn it into a final draft. And you already know that there will be most likely some queries about your work you’ll have to deal with in passing.

Picture of a woman's backhead. She works on a quite chaotic desk full of paper forms.


You come to the office in the morning. Yesterday evening you received three Whatsapp pictures from an installer again. You don’t know yet where they belong to, but you will just ask later. On your desk you find a stack of faxes, letters and printed emails. One construction service provider has sent you an USB stick with pictures from the last job, another has burned the files to a CD - how romantic! You turn on your computer, put in your login information and you check the daily reports, which you received as an excel file or as a simple word text yesterday via mail. Afterwards you reach for the stack of paper, open your ERP and GIS system and you start to transfer the documentation of your first job into your system. You realize quickly that some crucial information is missing. On top, you can’t really say if its written illegibly 19,82 m or 18,02 m. You reach for the phone and you’ll spend a lot of time running after the missing and unreadable measures.

We can do this together!

We wouldn’t tell you this story, if we didn’t know that your working routines look like this. We know the problems you are constantly struggling with. That’s why we created, in close collaboration with the industry, a solution for your daily headaches: Vaira. Whether you need to arrange your jobs, accommodate different suppliers’ requirements in one documentation or you need to read a final drawing, which is not as final as it should be. Let us help you.

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