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Digital transformation now!

Home-Office for construction sites

Always be prepared with the Vaira platform, especially for challenging times.
Remember: being »a bit« digital often means being »not at all« digital.

Digital transformation now!
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Maintain operational readiness – even in extraordinary times

Digital transformation is not a luxury. It becomes more and more clear that digital infrastructure and digital processes are needed urgently. Home-Office becomes the new standard. Not only schools but also universities and companies digitalize their communication channels for lectures and meetings completely. Also, the process around utility connections and their documentation must not come to a standstill – many tasks can easily be completed from home on Vaira-Platform.

Digital utility connection now!

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Digitalize your processes

Take your co-workers, tools, and processes along with you on the road to your digital transformation!

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Benefit from the digitalization

Enhance your data quality by completely digital data sets and automate some of your process steps completely!

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Be flexible at all times

Use our smartphone apps or our installation-free web app on any device with a browser for managing and working on your orders!

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Cloud instead of lockdown – secure and future-proof

A big challenge for your data is part of the concept of the intranet. These enclosed networks often work well on your company’s premises, but as soon as it becomes necessary to work anywhere else, they already reach their limits. The setup of a VPN feels like witchcraft for regular office workers. Also, a direct connection from the private hardware to the company’s network might stumble upon some further problems and arguments. So… what to do?

The cloud concept is the foundation of Vaira. By using cloud-based services, you may access all your data from anywhere at any time. You don’t need any installation – just open our Vaira Office in your web browser and start working. All data is securely encrypted and does not have to be downloaded to your devices to be worked on. Instead, all data stays in the cloud. With Vaira, the locally organized intranet becomes a globally reachable intranet.

Cutting costs, easy to integrate!

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Vaira is built in modules!

Use as much of Vaira’s flexible task-elements for your processes as you need. Setting up your workflows is easily done by a simple drag-and-drop-system.

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Headacheless integration!

Vaira ships ready to use. Our open RESTful API provides everything you need to your IT department for simple and smooth integration.

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Vaira is cheaper than your current processes!

Pay only for the functionality you really need and use – flexible according to the complexity of your workflows and the number of users. Safe a big amount of work and process time while enhancing the quality of your data.

Dekoratives Bild. Zeigt, wie im Vaira Office ein kleiner Workflow in der internen Workflow-Engine gebaut werden können.

Flexibility by digital transformation

As more Home-Office becomes a necessary part of business-reality, the challenges regarding a flexible use of resources and services increase. A coherent digital support through smart tools is of the essence for a successful digital transformation. Regardless if you are concerned about customer management, order management, dispatching, or data-transmission – with Vaira you can easily compensate for as many of your current process-steps as you wish. With openly documented interfaces from Vaira, you can choose individually how many parts of your process you want to digitally transform and integrate.

Test Vaira without obligations!

Now it’s your turn! Start your digitalization today by contacting us for more information about testing and potential applications!