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Your new companion at the construction site

Whether tape measure, ranging rod or rectangular prism - this can be everything, but not user-friendly, simple or fast. Vaira equipes you as an installer with the tools you need to document a simple house connection.

Screenshot of the order overview in the Vaira App. There are three orders shown with all necessary data like address, assignees, tasks that must be completed, deadline, logo of the company, etc.

All jobs in one place

You are tired of carrying around folders with countless and sometimes incomplete documents? Tired of stacks of paper you carry around although you only need to fill out a small fraction of it? We get it. The Vaira App enables you to access all job data at any time. Digitally you only see the job information the network operator considers as relevant. Should anything be missing, you can create your own forms in a matter of seconds. Or you let the responsible person know who extends the job - everything synchronized live to your smartphone.

Screenshot of a map on which single orders can be localized by position markers.

What’s going on? And where?

In our map overview you can find all jobs as position marker. So, you can see all open jobs that are close to your location - and which tasks you possibly can do on your way to the next job. In this way you can avoid deadheads and you can use your time more effectively.

Screenshot of the inner of an order in the Vaira App. You can see different colored tasks like measuring, files, splicing, forms and so on.

Overview of your jobs

As jobs consist of different components, you see directly what needs to be done. Whether you need to fill out a document or organize a photo series from a construction site or surveying - each tile shows you if you need to complete a task or if it’s already accomplished. As it’s only possible to finish a job when all obligatory tasks are processed, you can be certain that all your work is done.

Screenshot of the result of a measuring. Includes distance values of each point.

Sketch and paper? Adé!

Have you ever worked on a sketch with a growling because you couldn’t read the numbers properly or you had the feeling that the numbers were mixed up? Have you ever been fed up because you needed to work extra hours to turn your sketch into a final drawing and you knew already that there will be a lot of queries? No need to worry anymore. Grab your smartphone, open Vaira and start your surveying – completely digital! After surveying, you receive directly a digital measurement as a picture and all necessary information as a data record. And it gets even better: The data is also synchronized directly with the client. That’s it, you don’t have anything else to do.

GIF of an Augmented Reality measurement. You can see how markers are placed and how the resulting line is shown on your display.

Modern surveying

There are more enjoyable tasks than crawling over a construction site with a tape measure to sketch painstakingly, alone or in a group, the net documentation. This can be done easier. With Vaira you can use your smartphone’s camera to perform the surveying. Based on photogrammetry and inertial system your new tool creates a local coordinate system that can be referenced later in the GIS system. All you must do is follow the pipes and place position markers in the augmented reality view. No further antennas or sensors, no superfluous knickknacks anymore!

Screenshot of the asset list in Vaira App.

Display your components in an easy way

Also, the documentation of your installed components gets easier than ever before. After the surveying you can point to the measured components. Possible components can be chosen from a provided catalog and information can already be given from the job preparation. If desired, you can also store additional information for each component - either manually or by scanning a QR or barcode.

Screenshot of a draft order in Vaira App. You can edit anything and even add new tasks or edit old ones.

Arranging jobs without programming

In Vaira, all tasks can be set up by components. You don’t need any programming skills to arrange your job quickly and easily. You need a form with 3 fields, where you can either fill in a text, number or phone number? No problem! You want to store a component list in your job? Nothing could be simpler! You would like to have two different measurements, a documentation of a splice and – while you are at it – also a ground probe? That's not a problem either. You can quickly and easily assemble your own jobs, or you can extend already existing ones.

Screenshot of the special task splicing. Showing the results including cable lines, cable parts, colors of speednet pipes and so on.

Documentation of splices, ground probes and more

Vaira is being developed continuously and extended by further task modules. So, you are not only able to make measurements with your smartphone, but also different documentations of splices or ground probes. You still have a special documentation task that can’t be mapped with Vaira so far? No problem. Contact us and we'll check together how your requirements can be integrated with Vaira.

So, are you convinced?

This was just one part of the whole Vaira experience. Processes and tasks in the office can also be optimized or even automatized. And did you know that Vaira is a full-blown platform? Here, network operators, construction workers and customers can interact with each other easily. For further information, please take a look at the respective sites.

Anklickbares Bild, das zur Unterseite Plattform führt. Anklickbares Bild, das zur Unterseite Office führt.